WCPW : No Regrets

You might come on here and wonder why there are three WCPW reviews up in a row. Its because thanks to work, depression and just generally being a shitty person I’ve had the Scottish Qualifiers for the World Cup and nearly the entirety of State of Emergency in my drafts for over a month. I don’t know why I didn’t post the Scottish Qualifiers but State of Emergency I watched everything but the main event before work one day then never caught up with the main event!

No Regrets is late as well thanks to working and not getting online properly until today.

So you get three very late reviews all at the same time. You are welcome you very lucky people.

Winners : Juventud Gurrera & Rey Fenix

I was such a fan of Juventud when I was a kid, it was really sad because I was meant to go see him last year but he didn’t make it to the show.

It was interesting and a great look at what is to come with the Mexican Qualifiers this Friday. Really liked dos Garas who was massive compared to the others, it slowed the match down a little but he was extremely interesting to watch because it was so different from the other three men.

I liked Striker pointing out that Lucha Libre wrestlers are used to tighter ropes and there were times when you could see that their moves truly needed the tighter ropes because they were just all over the place. What they do is just incredible to watch though and especially Drago vs Fenix who started the match together and then later had a war of forearms. Loved the roll up into a leg drop by Fenix, it was just so perfectly timed and actually made me go wow out loud.

It was Fenix who got the three count to win the match, really impressive match. Can’t wait for the Mexican Qualifiers after this match!

Winner : Travis Banks

Always love a Travis Banks match and he really did not back down from this fight, he was the guy that went right for the fight whilst Penta was still posing and posturing to the crowd, of course the speed of Penta meant that he had a slight upper hand.

If I loved Striker on commentary then you don’t know how much I loved hearing Stu Bennett call the match. The two of them gave so much insight into the match, the second they started talking about Banks liking to keep his opponents close whilst Penta likes space meant I was instantly watching them to see how they were able to either close that space or open it up.

Penta is great though, he’s a show off and I love it. The fact he made the crowd be quiet for his chops on the outside to Banks meant that when Banks ducked and missed one you got the real loud smack of Penta’s hand against the ring which was just horrible to hear.

I cried a little when Penta did his Piledriver to Banks on the edge of the ring, it was horrible to then see him win moments later with the Slice of Heaven was mental. Fantastic win by Banks who is just fantastic.

Winner : Brandi Rhodes

Personally I have no problem with intergender matches, I don’t really see why its a problem in wrestling if it isn’t played for comedy or disrespectfully.

Unfortunately it was played with comedy in mind just Ameen isn’t funny. It was confusing as well, it was a silly reason for a fight and then even though Ameen is a good guy with Gabriel Kidd he played the bad guy with absolutely no respect for Brandi just to then hug her at the end and be back to the good guy….

Go look at that spill into the front row in the middle of the match, it was absolute rubbish and as much as I wanted to love the match because I wanted Brandi to kick his ass rubbish is what the match was. I do kinda hope we get to see more of Brandi, I hope I never have to sit through a Ameen match again.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

I have gone on ever since I started writing about WCPW that I want Kidd’s first win to be a big one and he got pretty much everything I wanted him to get. Beating Hendry (well… by pinning Cody but still beating Hendry) in a triple threat that gave him the internet championship belt.

Man was that a great moment?! What could be better?

I really loved the beginning, the absolute disrespect being shown to Kidd by Hendry, the quick pin attempts and of course the domination by the Prestigious One.

It was a really good match all the way through though, the emphasis Bennett had on Kidd and his showing off made a interesting story through the match and honestly made me scream at the screen every time I saw him messing about.

Great ending to the match though, Hendry trying to be a weasel and steal a win just to be thrown out of the ring and Gabriel getting the win with a small package was just great.

1-26. Let the winning times continue!

Cody is still probably the greatest wrestler in the world. I just enjoy watching him wrestle so much.

Winner : Rey Mysterio

What really worked for this match was that the commentators built up Rey as Ligero’s hero which then made the meaner version of Ligero so much cooler to watch. It wasn’t like Ligero was being slightly meaner just because Rey is the big good guy you could see that Ligero would do absolutely anything to beat the guy that he had grown up trying to be like. The dynamic was really cool.

Not much of a fan of Mysterio, then again I also kinda realised that I was when I was younger and I saw him in WCW it was only the few times I saw him in WWE that I went off him, I did feel that he was a step behind Ligero at times and it wasn’t as fast or flowed as well as I thought it would but it was a great match.

All the 619 attempts were actually pretty fun. I liked the time when Ligero actually caught Rey, I would have kind of liked for the 619 just to never have happened in the end the amount of times they tried to get it to work and it didn’t but when it finally did hit you knew it was over.

Good match.

Winner : Martin Kirby

One reason this review took so long was I was at work when it was going on and I got home to find out that AJ Hazard had made a appearance and I wasn’t sure my little heart could take seeing it. Well here I am finally watching it. Adam Pacitti really needs to never run or do anything ever again. He’s too cute. The video package for this match though was absolutely fantastic.

Kirby and Galloway being the first two out was great, felt sorry for Drake who came out, was Future Shocked and then gone again just for Kirby and Galloway to go back on it. Loved Bennett and his whole “Kirby should wait for more people” stuff, the guy is brilliant and without being full on heel on commentary he managed to give the psychology of a heel in his commentary giving a different view on how and WHY people should do things that aren’t seen as being the moral or normal thing.

Bad Bones slowed it down bringing in a baseball bat and taking his time. Galloway and Kirby disappeared for a while whilst the others got a chance to take on the one man demolition machine Bad Bones who didn’t actually manage to eliminate anyone for quite a while.

Scotty Wainwright, who is by far the greatest man alive, reacted just as I always knew he would to the changing of his theme music. Right after he came down King Ross brought out Primate in the cage him and Adam Pacitti uses to destroy the office when they are drunk and sends him in with a loving kiss to take out Wainwright, though he took out Bad Bones first.

Gibson was great not bothering to get into the ring just moaning and blathering on. I loved him arguing with Striker and the words of wisdom from Barrett.

Johnny Moss is a thing of beauty, anyone who reads my local reviews knows how much I love the Devon Powerhouse Chris Andrews, its a shame that I think Andrews is semi-retired because I’d LOVE to see Moss vs Andrews because I just like seeing powerhouses throwing people around the place. That is what I love to see. If Darren Saviour see’s this make it happen at a Pride show.

Viper showed that women CAN get in the ring with guys and look good. She is absolutely fantastic and I wish they had let her stay around longer and eliminate Zack Gibson.

It coming down to Kirby and Hendry was great, with Galloway leaving to WWE it felt like handing WCPW down to them because he was the star power WCPW had along with Cody Rhodes and with both titles now in British hands it felt like a new beginning.

Plus the Zoidberg elbow hit for the first time in WCPW history. Great end. Perfect rumble.


The only thought in my head was can we just have Stu Bennett commentate everything forever? I couldn’t think very often because listening to him just made me happy.

Then again he’s a cat person…. Me and my two dogs aren’t too happy.

It even helped get me through AJ Hazard making his WCPW debut, I love Adam Pacitti to pieces as you might have guessed but man is he the most uncoordinated and awkward looking individual in the world at times. Loved the gold pants though, he is just the cutest. You’d think the more Adam Pacitti in my life the better but you are wrong, I never want to see him running again in my life, or trying to fight someone… Just let him get drunk and sing with Ross.

Absolutely over the moon for Kidd, the result was obviously spoilt for me online which I deserved having no time to sit down to watch No Regrets, when I told my mum who only has a passing interest in WCPW (mainly for Hendry, Galloway and Kirby) she too was over the moon. He really is just the most likable guy but can we please have new music for him instead of Ameen’s? Please?

One thing I don’t think I’ve ever really said is just how impressive I find the whole production of WCPW. A lot of people bitch and moan about the company in general but I think their production is excellent. I love all the graphics they use, I love how they aren’t lazy and they do have their own themes and keep to it, the name graphics and the helpful addition of the twitter pages, because I do bloody love twitter as you know, the number of the entrant in the corner and every single video package. Like people act like they could do a whole bunch better but the guys at WCPW actually put their money where their mouth is and done what they can with what they have and I think its worth paying for their extra service and a great representation of what British Wrestling is all about and what people who actually give two shits about wrestling, regardless of whether you agree with them or not, can do.

The Rumble was absolutely fantastic. I’d like to see them do it once a year, I hope they stay around long enough to do one next year. WCPW is fantastic and the worst thing that could ever happen is we lose any promotion of any kind but especially one that the world can see. Regardless of whether you agree with the WhatCulture guys, liked how they started or anything like that if you don’t like the wrestling they produce you aren’t a wrestling fan. Simple as that. They’ve had consistently amazing shows staring some of the best of the UK and some of the best in the world and they diversify themselves to the point that whilst you’ll always get to see guys like Kirby and Hendry you also get to see brilliant young dudes like Kelly Sixx.

No Regrets was just a absolutely amazing show from beginning to end.

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