WCPW : State of Emergency

Commentary by Matt Striker and Jim Cornette for WCPW’s debut in the states. Taped during the WrestleMania weekend it saw a great line up.

Winner : Martin Kirby

A interesting match up to start the night.

BT Gunn really doesn’t tend to wrestle he just beats the hell out of people. He spends the majority of the match punching and kicking his opponent, you don’t get to see too much flashy from him but you don’t need to. Its completely the opposite to Kirby who mixes his crazy funny stuff with the big moves.

It was a good match up because Gunn’s brutality very easily stops Kirby’s momentum, when Kirby was in charge he attacked fast and went for frequent pins to try and wear Gunn down but it isn’t like Gunn can’t go fast as his fast kicks proved he just personally likes to beat the hell out of people.

In the end a Sable Bomb to Gunn put him out, that is two members of the Prestige that Kirby has defeated and a wonderful lot of momentum going into his title match whenever he chooses to take it. Kirby looks like the man that will topple Prestige no doubt.

Was a really good match.

Winners : Prospect

The match I’ve been looking forward too! James R. Kennedy is brilliant, the outfit he came out in was just hilarious and you have to have guts to come out looking so bloody ridiculous. Jim Cornette tells us that he funded Prospect to come over to have this match which was a nice ending to the #Prospect2Orlando story.

Also I possibly haven’t said it before but I do love the little strut into the dab that Prospect do, their music suits it perfectly and Prospect are just the most adorable two people in wrestling.

The match was pretty much a handicap match, Kennedy wouldn’t tag in so Drake got stuck in the match fighting both of Prospect for the majority of it. Was a much better outing for Prospect too, some good double teaming and great moments. Personally I think Gracie is slightly better then Archer and they do still need to sync themselves a little better, I mean they are awkward in absolutely everything they do but they are fun and fans love them and I do hope they start to get some momentum in the tag team division now. The more they tag the better they will get and one of the most important things for any team is feeling like a team and they do feel like a team.

It was a funny match, loved Cornette getting up and hitting Kennedy with the tennis racket, Gracie getting his revenge by having both Kennedy and Drake kiss his butt and then the ridiculous pose when they pinned Kennedy.

It was all good. Great ending to that story.

Winner : Primate

I’ve never seen Joey Ryan though I know of him, I also know that one of our greatest tag teams in the UK, The Magnums, are much like him. Actually didn’t like the messing about at the beginning MAINLY because I just don’t see why Primate would bother standing there looking confused about it instead of just beating him up.

It was a good match, Primate had it mainly his own way as Ryan took too much time messing about and when he had momentum and started to mess around Primate took it to his advantage to just destroy Ryan in his own grizzly way.

Half way through the match Primate took Ryan out and Jack the Jobber came out to pin Ryan and win the belt, the match didn’t end and Ryan still didn’t really make a impact in the match against Primate. In actual fact he ended up being beaten by Primate when he got caught by a spear.

After the match Ryan brought Jack back down (why would he just stand backstage and not make a run for it?) to win the belt back before being attacked from behind by Joe Hendry who won the belt. I think he made a fan out of Jim Cornette when he threw “that penis guys toy belt” in the bin.

Winner : Joe Hendry

This all lead up to the match we’ve been waiting for. Stiker vs Hendry with the happy news we get King Ross on commentary.

It does make me laugh that Cornette from the moment Hendry came down to the ring was going on about how he is a proper wrestler just for Striker to get up make a really boring speech and say that Hendry is just playing wrestler.

When they stopped talking, and usually I don’t mind Hendry talking, Striker took it straight to Hendry with lots of quick roll ups and just fast paced. Unfortunately for Striker the match didn’t last much longer and I felt like I blinked and missed the entirety of the match, the next thing I knew there was a Freak of Nature and a three count for Hendry. I don’t think he taught any kind of lesson to Hendry or Prestige and I’m not sure where that is going to go in the end.


Jack found the belt in the bin and pinned the bin, Adam counted the three count on the bin, Ryan then came around the corner and made him lie down for him again. That’s one way to move the belt around constantly in one show. That means Jack the Jobber has held a belt twice in his career, at least that is good for Jack.

Winner : Bobby Fish

The beginning of this match is honestly the best. Fish being helped to strip off by Starr, everyone attacking the ref, the ref trying to pin Starr and basically clearing the ring… Michael Elgin’s worm….

The moment the wrestling started it was one of the best matches of the night. Elgin was big enough that he could just run through his opponents, even when they tried to double team him he had the upper hand just because of his size. It became quite a hard hitting match with Elgin just trying to destroy his opponents, Fish with his big kicks and all of them being thrown around the ring at will.

It was all sorts of crazy and all three of the guys were absolutely awesome. I loved how Starr just never left the ring, well he did but he never left the action. He got beat up by Elgin to be beat up by Fish and still was standing to do three suicide dives running across the ring to deliver two to Elgin and one to Fish before getting in the ring to trade shots with the two others. If anything Starr IS the craziest of all of them. He even took a buckle bomb into Fish and then a Elgin Bomb and still didn’t stay down long.

Was a submission from Fish to Starr that won the match. Really loved it and could watch that match all day long.

The hand shaking at the end was also great.

Winner : Ricochet

Another sweet moment at the beginning of the match. Most of the matches in this show involved something stupid at the beginning of it but at least this made more sense then the Primate/Ryan one.

It was just so much fun to watch, everything you’d think a Ligero/Richochet match would be like. Was such a fast match and it was so impressive when a move missed to see the guy throwing it go spinning away with the momentum, you don’t always see it but they were just whirling around and putting all their weight behind it.

I didn’t think that Ligero would keep up as well as he did, I mean Ligero is fast but he isn’t Ricochet or Osprey fast but he kept up and there were great moments where you couldn’t even figure out what was happening because the two of them were just constantly moving.

As with most of the night the commentators really made the match though.

Ricochet got the win but it was just so much fun.

Winner : Drew Galloway

The only person I can honestly say I believe on the WCPW roster that can match the absolute horrors of Primate against Rampage is Drew Galloway. That is mainly because he’s a bloody giant.

Both of them have absolutely no chill whatsoever and every move they perform is designed to knock their opponent down. It was the absolute opposite of the match that came before it, it was slow paced and the two of them used their weight behind every blow to just annihilate their opponent.

I loved Drew getting caught up in the corner just to chuck Rampage across the ring, the suplex on the ramp to Galloway looked so brutal too and the ease both of them had just chucking each other about hit home just how unstoppable the two of them really are.

Galloway retained with a Future Shock DDT after flipping over Rampage. Such a great match up.


It was really a awesome show.

Loved seeing Prospect get their revenge on James R. Kennedy, whatever the lovely Mr Kennedy was wearing made it hard to support him at all. It was horrible. Also happy that Hendry beat Striker, I was sure that Hendry would lose because to be fair who didn’t want to see him get his ass kicked? Well I didn’t but I know a lot of people were cheering for Striker.

Hard to pick a favourite match because all of them were so fun but I really did just adore the Triple Threat, absolutely in love with Starr, Elgin and Fish after it. Its going to be tough to beat that match because it was just wonderful.

Jack winning Joey Ryan’s title twice was also brilliant! Nice to see Jack not getting his ass kicked for a change, or being locked in cupboards or the various other nasty things that happen to poor Jack.

Really will take a special person to take that belt from Galloway though, if Rampage can’t do it I’m not sure who can!

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