Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Wall : Assault on Stohess Part 3

Episode 25

“Kabe -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (3)-“(壁 ―ストヘス区急襲③―)

The final episode see’s Eren vs Annie. Will humanity win or will it take a monster to stop a monster?

I think its one of those finishes that really doesn’t finish anything. Whilst Annie herself is defeated by Eren who finds it in himself to make sure he destroys all Titans she also doesn’t get defeated and is allowed to crystalise herself which makes her all but useless.

We really learn nothing about why she’s doing this, about how they both have this power or even if she’s on the side of the Titans and if she is what it is exactly she’s planning on doing with them.

What we do learn though is that once more the thinking of Eren is twisted and seen through a window of hatred that doesn’t make much sense. He finds it in himself to fight the Titans because they are evil, he wants to bring every last one down, though he can’t actually fight Titans unless IN Titan form and when he’s in that form unlike Annie he isn’t able to control it therefore whilst it makes what Annie did worse, the killing of the Scouts and the rest of it, it doesn’t make Eren any less of a Titan when he transforms.

AT LEAST Eren had been trying to understand Annie in the last episode or at least he couldn’t bring himself to believe what was happening. That flies out of the window in a episode basically about showing off how fucking cool a proper fight between two hybrid Titans can be.

The Scouts look even cooler, the inside of the wall has been destroyed just a little bit and when the credits finish rolling we see the face of a Titan poking out of it.

Lots of flash and bang for the final episode and the first time I watched it I guess it drove me a little crazy knowing that it felt more like a big introduction then a series itself. Its always so dramatic and action packed that it doesn’t feel like I’ve just binge watched 25 episodes, it feels like the next episode is going to bring some answers. I feel we’ll be waiting a long time for even the smallest of answers though.


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