Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Soutwestward

Episode 28

“Nansei e”

Everyone is panicking and on their way to find this breach in the wall.

Just it looks like there isn’t a breach in the wall whatsoever. The Scouts don’t find them and more importantly at the end of the episode the Beast Titan just climbs over the wall instead of going through this hole he was meant to have come through, so where exactly are these Titans coming from?

Titans aren’t meant to have energy after nightfall so by the end of the episode when they attack in the moonlight does it mean any light will do to give them energy or is there just so much more we need to learn about them? Maybe the Beast himself just forced it out of them?

Even Anna in her midst of hatred of this series has to admit that the ever changing and mysterious story surrounding the Titans is so interesting that it keeps you glued to the series to find out what is going on. The Beast Titan can’t have taken that long to get from where he was to where he left so what’s he been doing that he suddenly feels the need to leave? Why did he bring a group of Titans with him? Is he out to kill humanity or was that purely accidental?

One thing I personally think this episode highlighted was that all the group are going to play important parts.

I was all ready to say I was a bit conflicted when it comes to Christa and Ymir, on one hand I am interested in them but their conversation in this episode and most other episodes just bore me. By the end of the episode Pastor Nick made it clear they were monitoring Christa but its Ymir that seems to have kicked something inside of Hanji, by the end of the episode its obvious SOMETHING is going on with Ymir, Reiner and Berltolt as they all seem to have been together talking just before the castle they are in gets attacked and seem much more shocked then anyone else when the Beast Titan approaches.

Its a little annoying that Pastor Nick won’t open up about what is going on. He once more leaves us with more questions then answers, like who the hell asked them to monitor Christa? She’s actually obviously got a powerful family of some sort as she asks Ymir if she’s only looking out for her because of her family but at the same time it just doesn’t make any sense.

Left with so many more questions then answers all we can hope is that the trainees can survive whilst reinforcements are on their way.






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