Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : I’m Home

Episode 27

Tadaima (ただいま)

The second season certainly reminded us just how horrible the world can be, Wall Rose has been breeched and its time for some people to make their way home.

As they themselves have said the group being sent from the Capital are a bit strange. Levi, even though he’s injured, Pastor Nick, Hanji and then obviously Eren, Mikasa and Armin. What impact they’ll have helping we don’t know, I guess we know that they plan on setting Eren loose and I guess Mikasa is a good soldier when she isn’t having her strange moments and then Armin is actually quite good organising people. We’ll have to see what that works out like.

Armin himself seems to have figured out that the wall itself is made of the hardened skin of Titans, hopefully forcing Pastor Nick to go out and see for himself just what is happening outside his precious walls will give both Armin and Hanji the answers they want about it.


Sasha’s story took precedence though in this episode. She travels back to her village just before she gets there she stumbles on a newly built village that has already been attacked and finds a little girl watching her mum getting eaten.

There has to be a middle part to her story though because I never got the feeling that Sasha didn’t care for people. Her flashback in this episode was purely her disappointing her father by not caring about those who had lost their homes, not understanding why they should give up their home to grow crops for people who couldn’t defend their own homes. She never came across like that and her father didn’t banish her, he was disappointed she’d rather stay where she was and not help others. So you can only come to the conclusion that something else is going to happen in the middle of her story for her to have left, joined the army and turned into the person she is now. Its nice the episode ends for her with her father finding out she’d put her own life in danger to help a girl she didn’t know, thankfully they all make it away from the Titan that had attacked and Sasha got a cool fight scene too.

It ended with Connie getting back to his village to find it has been ransacked by Titans. The only life left there is a fallen Titan yet they don’t understand how it would have even gotten where it was with the legs it has.

For me it was obvious that it has to be a Human/Titan hybrid. We’ve seen many different forms from Eren when he tries to transform and it isn’t always into his normal Titan form so if someone transformed just to survive or had been badly injured and transformed instead of dying that would make sense. Then again the time lines would suck because we’ve seen the Titans attack the hybrids so just transforming isn’t going to help them.

It’ll be interesting to see if it is a actual Titan or a hybrid.


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