Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan Season 2 : Beast Titan

Episode 26

Kemono no Kyojin (獣の巨人)

The second season has already started and it started off in the most brutal of fashions.

What a way to start the season off. The majority of the recruits are being kept away from the city gearless as I guess they try to figure out if they have more Human Titans in the team but soon they have to evacuate the neighbouring villages as the Titans have seemingly breached Wall Rose.

The Titans come from where Connie is from and we’re close to where Sasha comes from so it looks very much like we might get some backstory for those two in the opening few episodes, thankfully there isn’t much about Eren and Mikasa which helps make the episode much more entertaining.

Lets not beat about the bush though and get straight to it.

The Beast Titan, which looks helluva lot like Big Foot, can speak. He’s intelligent and seems to have control to some degree over the other Titans. He isn’t beyond hurting other Titans though as when one disobeys him he squeezes his head till it pops, he’s also not beyond hurting animals as he kills a horse and chucks it at Miche who has gone to try and ward off the horde of nine Titans that were sprinting towards them. The Beast Titan makes off with Miche’s gear whilst leaving him to be eaten in the most brutal fashion by the remaining Titans.

First off its once again so cool that Sasha can just HEAR Titans approaching when others can’t, she’s such a cool character that I hope we see plenty more of.

That death was probably the most gruesome death in the series so far. It was just horrible and they didn’t hold back on it either. He was just torn to shreds, well he wasn’t even really torn to shreds he was eaten to shreds and the shock of it didn’t seem to kill him or make him pass out so the whole thing was happening with his shrieks over the top of it.

All the main Titans in this episode were as freaky as anything. I said it during all the season one reviews but the worse the Titans look, whether it be the way they move or the way they look, the more I love them. I don’t like those that just look normal, it seems boring to have such cool, terrifying creatures and make them just look like large humans. The odd smiles, the way they run, the way they hold their arms. It was just a horror to behold and I loved every second of it.

Oh and Hanji and her crew are the ones that are going to figure out what it is about the Titans in the wall, the pastor Nick seems to know but he isn’t telling. It’ll be interesting to see how THAT story develops.

Felt like it had never been gone, then again I did just binge watch the first season again so it wasn’t really that far gone for me. It was such a perfect place to start it off at and once again there is never any moment to breath with the series, you think the worst has happened well something even more terrifying is about to happen to you. It has always been the way and will always be the way.









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