Alice to Zouroku : Cards

Episode 3

“Toranpu” (トランプ)

I said it last week but this anime has a little bit of everything in it. Its sweet, its mysterious, its funny and its full of action. You never know quite what you will get when you sit down to watch it.

Again in this episode you can’t just sit back and relax thinking its going to be all fun but you also don’t have a barrage of action and drama either.

Whilst Sana and her pig problem are being sorted out Minnie C is having her story told, the story of falling in love just to have her husband die in Iraq and gaining the Dreams of Alice power after falling apart. She wants Sana back and experimented on because its a way to see her husband again, the big hairy arms that she manages to control that come from nowhere are his arms.

I like that its all over the place. One moment you are laughing at Ryu berating Zouroku for being too hard on Sana, the next you are feeling real sorry for Minnie C and then the next you want death to come to all at the facility for stealing Sana just as she was about to become part of Zouroku’s family and threatening her.

The more we learn about the powers the more questions I seem to have. How do they manifest? Sana seems to have popped out of thin air, Minnie C seems to have gained hers through severe trauma whilst the twins we know nothing about. They are obviously experimenting trying to put the Red Queens power into others but where did the power originate from? I mean I guess that is half the reason they are experimenting too but the police officer has powers too so that’s two adults with them one who seemingly has had them for a while and is able to use it pretty well so just where do they come from?

For me I think we could have done with another fluffy episode before the kidnap, I think seeing Sana properly settle a little would have been more fun though the drama in having her decide that she’d go out and apologise to Zouroku so that he’d let her live with him and Sanae I guess was much more heartbreaking then if she’d gone and apologised and went home with them. I just really could have done with a little bit of Zouroku with the girls instead of already having the group split apart.

Sanae is a star in all this, she’s not really a personality that stands out but her calling out for Sana when she was kidnapped, even though not over the top and dramatic, was all the same heartbreaking because you knew that she’d been taken.

I guess what I really love about the show is just how many different parts of it I love. From the actual mystery, the dramatic escape and now recapture of Sana, the slice-of-life side with Zouroku’s family and all the little comedy moments. I care about all the characters, the kids in the facility, Sana and Zouroku, the police and even Minnie C. Its a sad story but with sweet little moments injected in it here and there.

Its only episode three though, you have to believe that Zouroku will get Sana back very soon else what would the point be? If the series is just continuous back and forth of Sana being kidnapped/escaping/being saved then it might get boring but what would the point be to have her kidnapped and the facility shut down before the half way point?

Only one way to find out I guess and that’s catching up with it next week too.


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