Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Smile : Assault on Stohess Part 1

Episode 23

“Hohoemi -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (1)-“(微笑み ―ストヘス区急襲①―)

The team are back and are ordered back to the Capital. They’ll have to answer for the poor showing in their mission.

With only a handful of episodes left it makes sense that we don’t move away from the Female Titan any time soon, that mystery is going to be one mystery that is solved but by the looks of this episode we aren’t ever going to get any kind of answers from the story anyway.

My suspicions were proved right in this episode. The second it focused on Annie Leonhart I knew that we had found our Titan. Her cold personality made more sense but for me it was her hand to hand combat skills as a Titan, the fact that I kinda just took for granted Female Titan = Female and she was the only non-Male important Recruit that didn’t join the Scouts and that she reacted to Eren being a Suicidal Idiot, again making it obvious it had to be someone who had heard Jean call him that, just all pointed to her. Plus in one of the last two episodes as she turned from Mikasa her nose looked exactly like Annie’s.

She’s a hard character to figure out though and what this episode did perfectly was show that unless she is willing to tell people WHY she did what she did we’ll never understand it.

She’s just as cold to the Military Police as she was to the Recruits, that doesn’t seem to bother her though because the MP seem to be made up of people who want to twist the rules to their own good or just stay away from violence. You are left to wonder what it is that Annie truly wants but then the story of Marlo Sand begins and it twists the plot even further.

He’s a do-gooder, he wants to make the MP better, clean up its act and make them a group to be proud of. Annie tries to point out to him that he can try but he won’t have anyone on his side, she even tells him of Eren, though not using his name, and compares the two. Later in the episode Sand does try and get two senior MP guys to see the error of their ways when they sell a load of weapons off, which is very obviously illegal, he gets beaten up and its Annie who stops them. You can’t get a grasp of who she is. Is she impressed truly by Marco? Is this a plot to get herself deeper into the MP or at least get a ally on side? You’d think if she had evil intentions then she’d side with the gobby git or be completely indifferent. These are questions that only Annie can answer.

It doesn’t surprise me that Armin is the one to figure out who the Female Titan is or that he himself seems to realise that they need to get Annie on side to tell them what is happening instead of engage her in a fight. He tricks her to help steal Eren out of the city but takes her to a underground passage she is unwilling to go through. She’s surrounded by Scouts and does her best to coldly just refuse to go until Mikasa goes all emo on her and she breaks.

For me it was a shame that it had to come down to a final battle between the Female Titan and the Scouts instead of Armin being left alone to try and reason with her. Again it just plays to that notion that humanity is humanity’s biggest threat, Mikasa can’t keep herself calm for even two seconds in her blind hatred of anyone who would dare touch Eren now anyone who dies truly will die because of Mikasa’s rage rather then Annie being a evil bitch. Even Eren had a shred of compassion and empathy in him seeing Annie as a friend and wanting to believe the better of her which makes him one step higher then Mikasa who now literally has no point other then to mumble threats about people being near Eren and sticking up for him when he deserves to be punished and warbling on about shit no one cares about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a conversation or moment with Mikasa that wasn’t all about Eren in some way which really does stop her being a character of her own.


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