Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Mercy : Assault on Stohess Part 2

Episode 24

“Jihi -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (2)-“(慈悲 ―ストヘス区急襲②―)

They’ve cornered Annie, the Female Titan, in the Capital. Its time to take her down I guess.

The penultimate episode and we have a Female Titan now all we need is Eren to wake up his beast and fight her. It doesn’t go that way though for a long time as Eren is unable to believe what he is witnessing so the urgency to do something isn’t there. I’ll stick with Eren’s story for a while before saying anything about anything else because it is Jean that kind of kick starts the talking sense to Eren bit and Armin that carries it on the problem is I think they hit the wrong chord. They awaken this internal monologue in Eren about having to become a monster to beat monsters but I don’t think that is the moral of the last 24 episodes at all. In fact I think its quite different.

For a start Titans aren’t monsters. The Female Titan might be but Eren himself isn’t thinking about purely the Female Titan. His anger comes at a flashback of the Smiling Titan eating his mother but Titans aren’t monsters. You won’t convince me otherwise either.

Lets put it this way… If you jump into a cage full of bears, a swimming pool full of sharks or a pit full of deadly snakes and get yourself killed are those animals monsters or are they just doing what comes naturally to them?

Whilst we know Titans don’t need to eat humans to survive and do it on natural instinct and to us humans that seems barbaric it isn’t. THEY DO IT ON NATURAL INSTINCT. They are too dangerous to study and when Hange does get them to study she can only learn so much at any one time before finding out a way to kill them. The majority of Titans aren’t human in Titan form but we’ve got a feeling that the Colossal who let them all in, the Armoured who also helped let them in and we know 100% the Female who killed in cold blood are all human.


It was the thought of a creature that Eren knows nothing about doing something that comes naturally to it that makes him change into a monster to defeat monsters.

So from that stand point you aren’t turning into a monster to defeat a monster. You are turning into a Titan to kill a Titan because what they do is what humanity usually does to other species and thinks nothing of. Oh the irony that humans are all up in arms because suddenly they aren’t the top of the food chain. Eren always going on about humans being treated like cattle…. Well how does he feel the cattle humans keep to feed on feel? Is he going to liberate the whole entire food chain underneath Titans and force everyone to become vegetarian to prove they are better then Titans?

The second point is that at all times the plans stop working, people get killed and nothing happens WHEN EREN GETS ANGRY.

When is anyone going to learn that the people who actually manage to kill anyone are those that keep their head?! When Annie is in Titan form she can control herself much more then Eren and whilst we don’t know what she’s doing or why she’s doing it and she did kill in cold blood she also obviously wasn’t consumed by hatred that over took her mind and made her a danger to everyone.

Eren doesn’t need to become a monster to defeat a monster. The monster Eren was fighting was Annie, Eren is already human fighting a human in the form of a creature bigger, stronger and more deadly then a human.

I guess that is really a discussion for another time though.

Armin and Jean continue to be my favourite characters really. I love Armin’s cool intelligence but above all else I just adore Jean and his very obvious leadership skills, his rationality, his ability to motivate and speak sense but most of all the fact that he’s always questioning himself. He doesn’t act like a know it all, he just goes on instinct and he’s braver then Eren because he has to force himself to do these things through his fear instead of blindly running at things and….. GETTING HIMSELF KILLED BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN HIS INABILITY TO DO FUCK ALL WOULD HAVE KILLED EREN IN THIS EPISODE IF EREN DIDN’T HAVE A SUPER POWER!

Mikasa once more pissed me off though. She comes across not only as having no fucking character whatsoever anymore but as being a completely dim lack of one at that. I don’t care about her background anymore because it doesn’t make too much sense when you think about it, sure I get that she’s dedicated to Eren because he saved her life but it felt like we were building up a brother/sister relationship to be forced into believing that after all that happens all Mikasa wants to do is jump into bed with him. Because you need that big romantic hook for when its all over of bloody course. The thing is I don’t believe her past would bring her to where she is now. Her speech was just a load of unintelligent, emotionally charged drivel that completely forgets the fact she wants to sleep with a man who could turn into a Titan as well.

Lets all get up in arms about someone being a monster because they can turn into a Titan whilst trying to convince the world that your boyfriend who also turns into a Titan isn’t a monster at all. The fact is that before she even knew a Female Titan existed a whole operation nearly went wrong because Eren attack Mikasa in Titan form proving for the world to see that in Titan form Eren isn’t Eren or maybe just maybe Eren doesn’t feel the same way about Mikasa. In fact a lot of the time whilst he worries about his friends he spends the majority of his time angry at Mikasa and telling her to piss off.

Ain’t that a kick in the teeth for a character whose only motivation in life is that person who turns into that Titan and tries to kill her and whilst isn’t in Titan form tells her to fuck right off away from him because she ain’t his mother.

Poor Annie really is just a victim of Mikasa being pissed off that even in Titan form Eren doesn’t really give two fucks about her. In fact even saving her in the first place when they were kids was more down to him being a murderous psychopath then him wanting to save her, he didn’t know her. Even the handing of the scarf was idiotic heroism over being a nice person.

Eren has a hero complex. Mikasa is a trophy from that time as a kid when he killed a bunch of guys, got away with it and got to be a hero.

I’m only slightly kidding there but for me its much more like that then it is what the anime and other fans want you to believe. Its the case of telling us not showing us and then fans adding the middle bits in themselves. Its Mikasa’s character all over being told what she is, shown something else and us filling the middle bit in.



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