Boku no Hero Academia : Upon Each of Their Hearts

Episode 13

“Onoono no Mune ni” (各々の胸に)

Finally the final episode of season 1. All Might has defeated Noumu but there is still Shigaraki to worry about.

All Might put it best. The villains made a terrible mistake, they put the kids in a tight spot and all they did was make them more worthy heroes. They worked together, helped each other and defeated numerous adult enemies to keep themselves alive. They were brave and even ran to the help of teachers like All Might who in their eyes don’t need the help but they didn’t care.

Foolishness? Bravery? Aren’t they both the same thing? The fact is that they did it and it proved that those guys are going to be great at some point.

The fact they were all so chilled afterwards as well was great. Even Katsuki might be sticking closer to the hero side then the villain side all he needs to do is get over his thing with Deku. The thing is after learning about Deku’s Quirk he might calm down but he’s always so on edge that when Deku TRIED to tell him he just dismissed it as a attempt to make him the laughing stock.

The heroes won but there is a war brewing, Shigaraki is working under someone and he’s being spurred on to show his true potential, another guy post-credits shows up and he looks like he’s going to be a handful and even with powerful heroes it only takes one plan going right to take them out. Aizawa might have problems with his eyes, I hope not as he was one of my favourite characters in the series, and it proves that they aren’t invincible. With All Might’s power fading and the bad guys focusing on him the foes are just going to get worse, plus Deku has put himself into the spotlight with the bad guys so he has to be real careful with what he does from now on.

It didn’t feel like a season end though, I might have been slightly annoyed at the end if I’d watched it live as I would have wanted to see more. As it is I’m lucky enough that I binge watched it to catch up before the second season so there is more right around the corner. I hate it when anything feels incomplete but it did feel like it wasn’t the end. I know that was the point but it would have left me miserable waiting for the next season.

Still don’t like All Might at all. Guy is a class A douche.

But onto the second season we go…


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