Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Erwin Smith : The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission Part 4

Episode 20

“Eruvin Sumisu -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (4)” (エルヴィン・スミス ―第57回壁外調査④―)

The Female Titan has now been caught and its time to reveal who it is that is controlling her.

We do end up learning a lot in this episode whilst no one seems to learn from what they see.

The Female Titan is something completely different, she is able to crystalise her body in places making it impossible for Levi to just cut whoever it is out of the nape of her neck and she really is intelligent enough to be a match for them. Also the Human Titans must to Titans look/smell as human as they look Titan to humans as with one shriek she is able to bring all the Titans to her who then devour her.

I don’t get how the Scouts were really overwhelmed. There were a lot of Titans sure but absolutely all of them were paying attention to trying to eat the Female Titan therefore none of them were too hard to just kill off right there and then but other then a few deaths to begin with trying to save her they just gave it up as a bad job. Why?! Just keep killing the bastards as they feed, it might not bring back the Female Titan but all those Titans would have been easy picking.

That is why I’m not a strategist in any shape or form I guess.

All Eren seems to do in the episode is moan. Oh they don’t trust us, oh they don’t care about us. Why didn’t we do something? Why didn’t Levi go against orders?! Well why do you think? Its up to someone else to point out that its very obvious that there must be a mole about so the less people who know what is happening the better. After all someone killed the two Titans Hange had in her care it isn’t out of the question someone knew that they would be leaving the city or that there are other Titans like Eren, in fact they know that as they’ve kind of concluded both the Colossal and Armoured Titans are like Eren, so why not find out that the Scouts are leaving and go after them?

Eren just wants the world to believe no one trusts them but is happy with any explanation that makes him feel special again.

Armin and Jean themselves are having a similar conversation outside, the threat of a Titan learning how to climb a tree doesn’t seem to effect them and if anything is there for comedy value over anything special. It does prove that Titans aren’t as stupid as they look and should be a bloody terrifying thing for them. OK in 100 years they didn’t learn to scale a sheer wall but it didn’t take much for humans in Titan form to move them into the walls and it didn’t take long for this one to realise if he wants to eat he needs to climb a tree and he did a good job of getting up there too. It might be a bit more scary then they really realised.

By the

Erwin doesn’t take any nonsense, the original cannon fire was only the first wave and they don’t go to attack the Female Titan until they’ve got her real secure.

Whilst Eren’s moaning annoys me much more level headed characters are able to come up with real conclusions to why Levi and Erwin are keeping them in the dark. Funny thing really, they think there is a spy in the ranks and they need to keep the information in the smallest group possible. The thing is if you put it all together its obvious that it has to be a recruit as the Female Titan reacted to hearing about the Suicidal Idiot. Who else is going to know that Jean calls Eren a Suicidal Idiot? How would they know? It doesn’t matter what Armin was screaming about if the Female Titan didn’t know better then she’d have just killed them. It has to be someone they knew.

The thing is Armin and Jean talk about this as well but they don’t seem that impressed with the Titans learning how to climb trees. It was a disturbing yet funny scene whilst they are talking seriously about spies and the amount of people that died not knowing the plan and this giant Titan was trying to climb the tree.

When they are sure the Female Titan is secured they go in to cut out the human just to find out that the Titan can harden its skin to save it.

The Female Titan lets out a shriek which brings the others to her, its the way they move that truly creep me out though. It has no logic to it, their limbs don’t seem to move in any real way they just stick out and move in whatever way they want. Its real creepy to see them all running together the way they do. The Shriek meant the Female Titans demise as the Titans who come to her eat her like they did to Eren.

Obviously they have no idea whether she’s dead or not so they just leave. There isn’t really anything else they can do.

Unfortunately for Levi’s squad they are ambushed by the person who was inside the Titan and they kill Gunther. Just when you think it can’t get worse hey?


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