Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Crushing Blow : The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission Part 5

Episode 21

“Tettsui -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (5)-“(鉄槌 ―第57回壁外調査⑤―)

Nothing really went well for them. The Female Titan decided to be eaten rather then be attacked by the others. The person inside then attacked Levi’s group killing one. Its sad, so sad.

Erwin seemed to know what was going to happen yet didn’t do anything to bring Eren’s group to safety letting the Female Titan not only kill in human form but to re-transform into the Titan and kill the rest of Levi’s group. Whilst they did get her for a few moments Erwin is correct in thinking that she isn’t new to this and is able to re-direct her healing ability into one eye giving it half the healing time a Titan would usually need.

Whilst Erwin seemingly makes the mistake of not putting more care into protecting his troops Eren doesn’t learn. Ever. Neither it seems does Mikasa.

As we really now know for Eren his ability is dependant on his need to do something. Whilst his team want him to escape and lessons from the past would indicate trusting his team and doing as he’s told is a better plan then running head into something Eren, as I said, never learns and instead transforms into a Titan to fight the Female.

This fight between him and the Female Titan gave away completely who the Female Titan was, I already had a hunch and it was proven correct, but also once more shows that even in Titan form he isn’t able to overcome his own emotions. The more angry he gets the more Titan like his thought process is, he’s so hell bent on destroying the Female Titan who CAN actually control their ability that he’s consumed by that anger and then easily killed. By the end of the season you know, because lets face it Eren will never die no matter how many times he actually technically has been killed, he’ll figure out he needs to master his emotions but you’d hope after everything that has happened he’d already be learning that lesson.

Hearing the screech in the last episode sent Mikasa off to check on Eren, she stumbles upon them and obviously loses her own composure at the sight of Eren once more being killed.

I believed the brother/sister bond between them much more then I believe the love angle between them. Up until now she kept him safe like a sibling would but they never communicate because as a character she has nothing to say. It might have taken a while and getting away from how cool she is and the sad story that made her appear dead inside in the present but she really doesn’t have much to say for herself as a individual character. This episode makes her a shadow of Eren. If Eren isn’t going to learn and is going to disobey orders and such like for little to no reason so will she for Eren.

Its getting a little boring. Even the first time I watched it their dynamic sucked some of the interest out of the season.

In the end Levi saves Mikasa. Levi is now like their parent saving their asses whenever they are in trouble.

Truly it was Mikasa’s speech that got on my nerve, the one about hunting down the Female Titan and carving her up or whatever. Like the idioticy of the whole thing, it isn’t like Eren in Titan form is anything but a monster, in fact of all the things he’s done as a Titan attacking her kinda proved he’s a monster too.


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