Boku no Hero Academia : All Might

Episode 12

“Ōrumaito” (オールマイト)

All Might is there at the last minute to save the day.

Of course none of this would have happened if he’d been there from the start. Maybe the joint force of him and Aizawa would have taken all these people out a lot faster and with everyone focused on All Might and Aizawa the kids would have been able to help.

Just maybe.

Shigaraki is interesting. He’s one of those people who seems to think that its up to a individual to label what each side of the line is. He points out that violence will breed violence and Deku at the least has tried to kill him in this battle, of course its twisted logic and its also pretty much the norm now for villains to think that way (either that or be psychotic) but I like it. I don’t know why but I like it. I like that someone points out that the line is very thin, take Katsuki and Todoroki for example. Both are pretty powerful and in this episode alone shows it but their temperament is what really sets them apart. Todoroki doesn’t look like he would ever be a villain but its easy to see Katsuki crossing that line by complete accident and not being able to find a way back.

It’ll be interesting to see what Shigaraki does now that his monster has been defeated, the best thing would be to retreat, they’d never get another chance like the one they had but All Might messed that up by having to be All Might. Better to live another day then die trying to beat something that you just can’t beat.

I’m so happy that the other guys showed up as I didn’t really want Deku to be the only one there, a little upset that it was only the three guys that showed up. Katsuki, Todoroki and Kirishima all show up and both Todoroki and Katsuki make instant impressions which is always good. I’m not really sold on Deku, I like him as a character but don’t see him right now like the other characters. Its why I like him because he’s honest with himself at where he’s at but the hero worshipping from Tenya is a little annoying because if they were able to know what makes him special whilst it makes him special it might make them realise how special they themselves are. Tenya for example thought to himself what Deku would do when everyone was panicking, he didn’t bother looking around and seeing that Deku actually wasn’t doing fuck all he just wondered and then acted. The others have held their own in the battle and whilst the only one egotistical enough to say anything will probably be Katsuki you feel like if the others didn’t show up then once again everything will be put on Deku’s shoulders.

I liked that the others showed a bit of that hero ability, they didn’t shrink back from a fight or run away they ran to the action. Of course they were also filled with adrenaline and maybe just underestimated the power of their foes, as youngsters will, but they still ran to the battle instead of away.

I just like that. I like that even though Deku is the main character the show lets everyone shine. Deku isn’t anything special yet and whilst he’s the only one who will constantly run towards battle the rest of the class are important and they are getting there. His bravery is out of stupidity, Katsuki’s is out of a egotistical need to be the best and Todoroki seems to be just to be a hero. None of them are wrong or right its just different ways of doing it, just Deku looks more heroic with his reasoning.


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