Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Female Titan : Forest of Giant Trees : The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission Part 2

Episode 18

“Kyodaiju no Mori -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (2)-“(巨大樹の森 ―第57回壁外調査②―)

The Female Titan is after Eren and she’s figured out where he is.

The Female Titan gives absolutely no fucks as she continues to murder anyone who dares attack it, which is every Scout that meets it. With no actual way to relay that she’s a intelligent Titan and that there is no point engaging her people see her advancing and advance on her but it just doesn’t work.

So the Scouts have to change plan. The Central Scouts head into the Forest of Giant Trees whilst the others have to stick to the outside of the forest and keep the Titans at bay. Knowing the Female Titan is only interested in Eren means that them staying out the way will keep them safe.

It leaves us with Armin and Jean trying to talk out what is happening and what just happened. It was interesting to see what they had to say and I loved that little confidence boost that Jean gives to Armin by praising his ability to see things others can’t. Its like what Marco did to him. Marco gave Jean the ability to see his leadership qualities and here Jean is giving Armin the ability to see just how great a strategic mind he is. Its that bond the recruits have that I really enjoy seeing.

On the other hand, once more, you have Eren who has gone into total egotistical bastard mode. He’s with Levi, the greatest Titan slayer so he knows he’ll be safe, in fact he’s basically hero worshipping the shit out of Levi waiting for him to jump into action. Levi on the other hand doesn’t care what any of them has to say he seems to know what he’s doing but isn’t going to let them into it. This leads Eren to over think way too much.

They aren’t really given much chance to figure things out though for themselves as the Female Titan is already on them.

The question then becomes how they will survive IF they will survive. Again there isn’t really any way to convey just how intelligent she is or just how hard she’ll be to fight. It seems Levi knows what he’s doing but you haven’t seen how he’s come to this decision, you aren’t meant to. Did they know they’d be attacked by such a strange Titan? Was there always a back up plan? Who knows.


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