Boku no Hero Academia : Game Over

Episode 11

“Gēmu Ōbā” (ゲームオーバー)

The students are all trying to battle the Villains who have shown up to kill All Might. Thing is regardless of whether or not this was the lesson they had planned it looks like they are getting a lesson in rescuing each other anyway. So as long as they all make it out alive they have already done a good job of the lesson!

It is great to see the others getting on with the job at hand, none of them are slacking in any respect they are all going at it trying to defeat the enemies in front of them. Its also interesting to see the lack of confidence in some and the over confidence in others, the ability to think on their feet and lead teams and the ability to be lead. Like Deku’s team they all work in groups to figure things out, the only person on his own is Todoroki who instantly defeats a large group of people with his ice power. That guy is seriously over powered and it’ll be interesting to see him actually interacting with the others instead of being on the side and doing things his way and just freezing shit. He has the duel power of fire and ice or at least heat and ice, we don’t really see the other side that much as he just freezes his way through problems and unlike Katsuki isn’t a headcase. He knew that he’d have to ask difficult questions in the episode and use his power to get them but warns the villains that he doesn’t want to hurt them as he wants to be a hero.

His power is flashy but he’s fully able to formulate good plans too.

Of all the episodes this was probably the most serious as Aizawa finally gets overpowered as Shigaraki introduces him to a new friend.

Shigaraki is interesting, he’s the leader but he by his own admission isn’t the main event, they have some sort of engineered beast which is their way to beat All Might though Shigaraki himself has a power that could beat All Might if he could get his hands on him. Just by touching Aizawa he was able to shatter his skin and injure him badly. The Beasty with him does the most damage but it was Shigaraki that figured out Aizawa’s tell sign (his hair) and figured out when was the moment to attack. The longer he keeps his eyes open obviously the harder it is to keep himself from blinking so by the time Shigaraki gets hold of him he’s tired out enough.

Aizawa was proper awesome in the episode though, even whilst being beaten and most of his bones broken he was able to save the kids from death, in the end its going to be All Might that saves the day but it truly was Aizawa that was the hero. He might not be able to complete the task of saving the kids, not that if they managed to regroup I think they’d have too hard a time escaping if they put their mind to it, but he put up a good fight.

Probably a lot more new found respect will be placed on their home room teacher if he makes it out alive.


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