Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : What Needs to be Done Now : Eve of the Counterattack Part 3

Episode 16

“Ima, Nani o Subeki ka -Hangeki Zen’ya (3)-“(今、何をすべきか ―反撃前夜③―)

So they had two Titans that they were experimenting on but before Eren could get close to them a solider killed them.

With the question of who the real enemy is Eren is left to wonder.

There wasn’t too much to the episode. I said it probably wouldn’t be too long before we saw the Recruits again and it wasn’t that long as this episode showed us how they came to pick where they went. With Eren already with the Scouts it was mainly the story of Jean and Ymir making up their minds. I kinda believed that Sasha was going to the Scouts regardless, I dunno they haven’t really done much with her as a character for us to really know her or her motivations so for me I just kind of thought she wanted to be a Scout. If I missed something of her saying otherwise I’m sorry but it never really registered she’d want to be anything else.

Erwin is a interesting character, as the leader of the Scouts he comes out to talk to the recruits before they make their final decision. What he has to say is bother interesting but terrifying. The fact he doesn’t sugar coat what being a Scout is about was great in my opinion. Like Pyxis telling people who had seen and done enough already to leave the battlefield he took away idealistic idiots who would freeze and get more people killed with poor actions. Their goal is heroic and might bring in guys like Eren full of bravado but low on skill and brains, unlike Eren they won’t be transforming into Titans to make themselves more useful and less of a liability. So he tells them the plan, the plan to go to Eren’s old home and find out what is in his fathers basement which could help them turn the tide on the Titans.

First though they have to take back Wall Maria and he’s pretty sure a good 90% of Scouts will be wiped out in the process.

This leads to the majority of the people, including Annie, walking out to join ‘safer’ positions.

Whilst I don’t hold them as cowards its also a little silly in my opinion. At this time it has become very obvious that the Walls are failing and the Titans are going to get in one way or the other so why they think they’ll be safe being right at the centre I don’t know. Guys like Pyxis are correct, their first job when the Scouts fail is going to simply be to turn on their own people in the name of those with wealth. They’ll be the ones that either kill the majority of humanity for money or for fun. In the end they’ll all die. So whilst they aren’t cowards they are trying to hide from the inevitable. The Titans are coming and they aren’t going to hold back and if you aren’t prepared to fight in a giant group away from the cities then you’ll just die in the city.

After much deliberation the main characters obviously join the Scouts.

Again it was Jean that stole the episode for me not only for joining the Scouts but for standing up to Eren again at the end. Of course Eren is kinda happy to see all of his friends and recruits join the Scouts but he’s also still as simply idiotic as ever. All these people are there because they can’t let what happened to them happen again, the don’t want to be there when the Titans attack the cities and kill the innocent they want to prevent it or die trying. They aren’t just there because they feel Eren is the winner for them, they’ve heard the rumours and Mikasa can stick up for Eren all she wants the truth is Eren is a Wildcard that their side is relying on but the new Scouts themselves need more then that. They need to know Eren himself is going to be worthy of following into battle.

Because at the end of the day his position in the Scouts is the same of their but also of enlarged importance because he has a special ability. He isn’t as talented as all the people there, he didn’t survive a Titan attack, lets not forget he basically was killed and saved by his special power to TURN INTO a Titan. Jean and the others survived and killed Titans something Eren himself has yet to do because you can’t count when he’s a Titan and doesn’t even know how to control that side of himself.

You need Jean to balance

Main characters all joined the Scouts mainly because they were scared and couldn’t let what they’d seen happen happen again, it was why I liked them so much more then Eren, they are honest and have a honest reason why they want to be there. Eren runs at things hot headedly and was just lucky he has this power.

Nothing much interesting happens with Eren but he seems happy to see everyone who joined the Scouts.

I liked how honest Erwin is about what is going on, he doesn’t sugar coat it so whilst at first a lot of people seem interested because they hear they are going to go and find Eren’s basement and hopefully something to help them win the war with the Titans the second they find out that the Scouts are pretty sure most of them will die they all leave for safer options.

Really think its important to have Jean around Eren because he isn’t a idiot like Eren. His speech at the end of the episode was a great one because it is true, these people know they are most likely going to die regardless of whether or not Eren is there so they need a reason to actually want to lay down their life for Eren.

I really like Jean.

The 57th Recon Expedition starts….


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