Boku no Hero Academia : Encounter with the Unknown

Episode 10

“Michi to no Sōgū” (未知との遭遇)

The students have been attacked before they can even get to their rescue training, All Might has used up most of his power for the day on the way to work and Deku is really not a leader no matter what other people think.

It was a fun episode 9 but I feel something big is about to happen for our heroes in episode 10.

Something this show manages well.

Stupid Quirks look cool as well as cool Quirks looking cool. The Villains have some absolutely amazing looking guys and some that look silly yet still manage to be cool. The guy with hands all over his body for example, when he first showed up through the portal in the last episode it was kinda creepy in a kiddy way then he shows up outside the portal and he’s just covered in hands which would look funny but he still manages to look cool. The same with Aizawa who looks like a scruffy bum but when he gets going he’s so much cooler then All Might could ever be.

The kids get warped all over the place which actually ends up being a blessing in disguise as they all have to help each other to survive. Tenya grabs a few people to stop them from being warped away, Asui saves Deku and Minoru and they realise that they have to save themselves.

It was pretty amazing seeing the kids taking charge and going out to be heroes regardless of how well they feel they can use their powers. It proved the whole class are worthy of being heroes.

Watching Deku and his group working out that the villains knew nothing about them and using it to their advantage was great, I hope we do get to see some of the others get past their own zones because it wouldn’t be fun if Deku’s group went to save everyone, it looked like a few of them were alright and there is a decent enough mix in each group of powerful Quirks and useful Quirks. It was a great little episode for someone like Minoru who didn’t really understand where his Quirk would be useful but in the end was really helpful in getting rid of the bad guys encircling their boat, its all about thinking outside the box which is what Deku can do pretty easily but the others don’t seem to be able to do. He’s able to come up with a plan pretty fast which puts all their Quirks into use and get away just by staying calm.

It’ll be interesting to see what the others are going to do next.

As for All Might he gets a telling off from the head master about not putting his teaching duties first which actually is a great reaction because all that is happening to the kids right now is happening because he didn’t show up to class because he put his need to be the number one in front of teaching these kids. Deku would be a whole lot better off if All Might just helped him instead of carried on just being All Might all the time. Why can’t he just take time off or something, he’s way too obsessed with what being All Might means and not focused on what his actual job should be or the fact that he’s given a power to a kid that can’t use it and might just need extra help before he destroys his body to the point he can’t use it again.

In that way regardless of how miserable he is at least Aizawa shows up to work and helps his students. He might be a hard ass but then again being a hero isn’t something to take lightly.


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