Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Can’t Look Into His Eyes Yet : Eve of the Counterattack Part 1

Episode 14

“Mada Me o Mirenai -Hangeki Zen’ya (1)-“(まだ目を見れない ―反撃前夜①―)

Eren once more is very lucky that just when things look to go from bad to worse he’s saved by someone showing up at the last minute. It looks like Levi of the Scouts is going to be his saviour this time.

We start the episode seeing very much the difference between people on the front lines and those who hide behind them.

Those who have yet to taste fear only fear having to look out for other human beings, being put out themselves and the thought of someone who might just help win a war that will kill them all coming to their city. Those on the outside are excited that they have a Titan on side and might actually win this war against the Titans after all, they’ll hold on to anything seeing that they have nothing to lose. After all they all know what the original refugees had happen to them if they have to move straight into the centre they aren’t going to survive for long.

Pyxis is one of the most down to earth characters on the whole show. He see’s things the way they are, when asked about what he thinks will happen to Eren he knows that the fear people have of him could lead to something bad happening, Levi might want him in the Scouts and some people might realise he’s the key to something big but most people are just scared of him. The guards that are guarding him treat him like a monster and even he can see why. At the end of the day he hates Titans and he turns into a Titan so why does he think other people who have to fight these monsters would ever just let him stay free.

The Military Police and Scout Regiment are set to fight for him. The Military Police want him dead whilst the Scouts want him to join them and to use him to take back Wall Maria. The deliberation for what is going to happen to him doesn’t seem to come purely down to whether the Military Police or the Scout Regiment can convince the guy in charge whether or not he will go there as merchants and crazy people get their chance to scream about what they want too.

It was the one time I cared about what Eren had to say as he actually bothered to tell those who were being idiots that they were cowards.

Again it was Levi that truly saved him. When he saw the opening, when Eren had gotten angry and people were scared, he attacked Eren. Attacking Eren showed that he wasn’t just pointing a gun at him and threatening, he wasn’t expecting someone else to do something about all this, he himself would kill him if he had to and he wasn’t scared of him. Thankfully this won them the case and they were able to bring him to the Scouts and save his life.

Whether Eren has learnt anything by this or not is another question but now he’s in the custody of a bunch of people I doubt is going to take his crap, then again he’s around people he’s always wanted to be around so it might just calm him down anyway.


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