Boku no Hero Academia : Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Lida!

Episode 9

“Ii zo Ganbare Iida-kun!” (いいぞガンバレ飯田くん!)

The tests are over and now its time for some fun instead of constant struggling…

Maybe not for Deku who ends up being voted as class rep, it was such a funny few moments and I think Aizawa is a awesome classroom teacher. It tends to be these moments that I think are the best in the anime because you get to see a bit of everyone. Its nice that the group feels important instead of just one or two of them.

I don’t really understand how anyone couldn’t come to the conclusion that Tenya was obviously from a rich family, just the way he acts shows he’s from a upper class family. The absolute best thing though was that he doubted that he could be a leader and thinks about what Deku would do when the students are panicking yet never notices that Deku himself was stuck inside the riot and not doing anything, he wasn’t even running to save Ochako. I always knew he’d make a good leader because he’s so bossy, him and Yaoyorozu will be great repping the class. Him trying to organise people

Its funny you know, the media are so obsessed with All Might that they don’t seem to care that they are trespassing on a school. Its a lesson for the students in itself, they are trying to become famous as heroes and this is the kind of thing they are going to be stuck with when they make it.

Lessons are moving on to rescue missions.

A very needed lesson for all of the students to learn, the whole great power comes with great responsibility stuff, all of them can use their power for good but as seen in the last tests in doing that good they can also do bad. Their powers are double edged and they need to learn to use them for the good and be restraint with it when protecting themselves and others, after all the small amount of fights we’ve seen have been to restrain the things making the mess not to kill them.

That lesson probably more then anything has to be aimed at Katsuki who is still absolutely determined to be the most miserable person there is.

We end the episode wondering whether the rescue mission has started or whether they are really under attack, seeing that the media getting into the school was seen as something that could have been done with the help of a villain its hard to tell one way or the other. It’ll be interest to see how the group tackle what is in front of them either way.


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