Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Wound : The Struggle for Trost Part 8

Episode 12

“Kizu -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (8)-“(傷 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑧―)

They thought maybe they could get Eren to control his Titan side, they thought that would save them all. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and instead he attacks the one person trying to keep him alive.

The plan, for now, has failed.

Eren as a Titan was always going to be a wildcard to play and that was exactly what it was, they had no idea what was going to happen and him attacking Mikasa was not what they wanted. So whilst the Elite’s declare the mission a failure and Mikasa tries in vain to talk to him Pyxis reminds everyone that they just have to stand fast and wait to see what the Elite’s do next.

Eren knocks himself out which gives the Elites some time to squabble about their next move, they decide after arguing about it to stay and keep Eren safe and right now they are being attacked by a group of Titans who are all headed towards Eren.

Again I love how its Armin that saves the day, he comes to find out what happened and is able to talk sense into the unconscious body of Eren’s Titan. The whole scene of Armin sticking the sword into him and talking him down is so very interesting and shows the absolute strength of Armin at its most important part. The fact that he was able to talk sense into a Titan and get him moving to complete the task at hand was just perfect.

It seems when Eren is in the Titan form he enters some kind of dream like state, in this state when Armin comes into the dream and starts banging on the window it kind of wakes him up. The Titan form kind of takes who he is away from him. I guess it depends on the emotion that he’s using. When he wanted to kill all Titans he transformed to kill all Titans, when he wanted to save his friends he transformed just enough to keep them safe and when he transforms whilst angry at Mikasa he attacks her.

What this episode really hit home once more for me was the differences in the Titans. I personally like the less human looking ones, the ones that are all muscles and with the crazy grins and the rest of them. The ones that look more human bore me a little, I love how they come in all shapes and sizes but when there is absolutely nothing special about them and they just look like enlarged humans I get a little bored.

Jean was once again one of the best characters. His gear malfunctions and he has to figure out how to survive but the growth in his character is immense again why he’s one of my favourites. Whilst he’s grown as a human Eren hasn’t. He’s become a even better leader even though he hasn’t actually done much yet. At one point I doubt he’d have been strong enough to find the ability to survive. Now he’s just doing it on instinct and whilst he still beats himself up for being a coward or weak or anything else and it makes him even stronger as a person and a leader.




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