Boku no Hero Academia : Bakugo’s Starting Line

Episode 8

“Sutāto Rain, Bakugō no.” (スタートライン、爆豪の。)

Deku beat Katsuki by using his brains. His ego must be very bruised at this moment.

This is interesting. Momo Yaoyorozu, she has the same idea as Deku in so far as she actually pays attention and scouts out how people are doing things. As All Might announces that Tenya is MVP she is able to tell exactly why. She’s totally right as well, it was easy when getting into the battle to forget that the fake bomb was meant to be a nuclear missile, something you don’t want to take risks at having blow up in your face. Whilst team work wasn’t on the villains side it was hardly Tenya’s fault, he did indeed try and keep in touch with Katsuki but the rivalry between him and Deku had clouded his judgement. The Heroes won mainly because they did use team work, didn’t think about what COULD happen if the bomb exploded when they were attacking and kinda because Deku’s Quirk is super useful even when he can’t use it properly.

I really liked Yaoyorozu right from the off. I like intelligent characters that aren’t afraid of being intelligent. She uses it similarly to Deku though in a much more analytical way.

We did get to see the others work and its weird how some of the Quirks work. There are super cool ones, super weird ones and super unhelpful ones that actually manage to be useful in certain ways.

Shoto Todoroki is another that is seriously cool, though those two being super cool shouldn’t surprise anyone seeing they both got in via recommendation. Again it might only be glimpses but its just nice to see the different powers and how they went about their business.

The big answer to our questions was that Katsuki hasn’t let everything blow over. He still doesn’t believe that Deku was telling the truth at all and he’s determined that he’ll still be the number one hero, even though Deku told us it was him in episode 2, the episode does keep reminding us that his pride will be his strength and weakness all at the same time. It could go either way with him because his pride could make him go towards using his anger in a destructive way or it could just power him to be better then Deku. At the moment he’s focusing it in the right way which is good because I personally like Katsuki and whilst he is just egotistical and there isn’t a sob story to be pulled out for why he is the way he is I like that he’s confident and that he’s taken a step back right now noticing that he isn’t as good as some of the people that he’s just seen take on trials and its just made him more determined.

All Might is helluva annoying though. I don’t mind when he’s powered down but when he’s actually All Might its just annoying and I’m happy that Katsuki took none of his shit because he does it the right way with Deku, so I understand why he said he was favouring Deku in letting him stay out and fight instead of calling off the test, and its annoying that he isn’t just honest. Not so much about his power, I get where he’s coming from with his power, if people learnt that you could pass on Quirks like his then people will be after his power or worse experimenting on each other trying to figure out how to steal Quirks, but he should tell people WHY Deku makes a good hero.

That really is it.

Both Deku and Katsuki are determined to be number one but Deku wants to be it because he hero worshipped All Might whilst Katsuki just wants to be hero worshipped. Neither reason is better then the other but Deku’s strength as a hero comes from the fact he will face any evil no matter the odds because he’s doing the right thing. If someone could just tell Katsuki this in a none patronising way, tell all of the students this, just talk to them the way All Might talks to Deku when they are on their own, then maybe just possibly they’d make real heroes out of these kids.

Tenya kinda gets it and others might as well but so far no one is really saying it.



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