Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Response : The Struggle for Trost Part 6

Episode 10

“Kotaeru -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (6)-“(応える ―トロスト区攻防戦⑥―)

Well… Eren can transform at will now it seems as a Titan. It gives us many more questions about Titans that’s for sure.

Eren is back to his usual over the top self. He knows that his cellar is the place he needs to be but he acts crazy about how his father could stop everything and has let this all happen. He doesn’t think whatsoever about anything ever shown just seconds later when he goes on about his health being irrelevant even though it looks like he’s killing himself calling forward his Titan self so much.

This is why I have no interest in Eren whatsoever.

He just has this thing in his head that he has to be the person that saves the world. He doesn’t care what happens to himself as long as he wins, but the problem is that he might not survive. Again its the difference between him and the others and his biggest weakness. He can’t see beyond a short term and emotionally charged plan and he’d rather get himself killed then think out a plan. The fact that Eren knows that he’s too hot headed doesn’t make him any better because he, unlike anyone else, needs the others to fill out his personality.

Thankfully for him Armin is around and realises that he can talk them out of this, just like how he realised the Rogue Titan could be on his side he decides to go with Eren’s plan on convincing the others that Eren is a asset to them.

I like Armin, his strength is his intelligence but not just that his way of sounding that intelligence off. Whilst it falls on deaf ears when it comes to a hardened coward like Kitts it doesn’t matter but its a important talent to have especially when faced with a group consisting of pig headed idiots like Eren and Jean.

They were saved by Pyxis who finally got there and decided that Armin is correct and that Eren could be a asset.

This is the problem with their military in general, its full of cowards. Kitts is the worst of them and can’t really lead people when he struggles to make rational decisions. Pyxis is actually one of the smart ones because he realises the trouble they are in and doesn’t look at it like a coward but as a survivor. They need more survivors, the cadets are full of them now but the higher ups are still weak. Pyxis right from the off decides that he’ll put his trust in Eren’s ability because its all they have, if he can block off the hole in which the Titan’s came then its a win for them. Eren of course agrees but then its Eren he was always going to agree.


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