Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Idol : The Struggle for Trost Part 7

Episode 11

“Gūzō -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (7)-“(偶像 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑦―)

Pyxis has saved Eren’s life for the moment but asks him to transform into a Titan and help block the gap that the Titans have made. We’ll see the ability of Eren’s and how much he can control it now I guess.

Whilst Eren is ready to once more give his life up we see the troops and the troubles they are having. Of course they are scared. Till now most of them hadn’t seen a Titan, they could be as brave as they want but they didn’t know what they were facing. When faced with death after being safe for so long they aren’t ready to actually face their death. Fighting pretend Titans is nothing, having to actually face real Titans is something else.

With friends and comrades dying around them and them all only just surviving of course they are scared. With cowards leading them as well there is no one there to motivate them. Even Pyxis just tells them the truth, it isn’t something that they can understand and they are being asked to lay their lives down.

Of course there is nothing for them if they don’t fight but they don’t see that.

Pyxis is smart. Unlike Kitts he doesn’t try to force people to stay by fear and lets the ones who don’t want to fight leave meaning that the army he has in front of him are the ones that will fight not those that will freeze or turn their backs on the field. He’s also honest with them admitting that sending out the refugees back in the day was a way to kill off the population, that they were never going to make a dent in anything. His whole ideology seems to be that if the walls fall and they all squeeze into the centre behind the final wall it’ll be humanity that wipes humanity out, the Titans just put them in the place to do so.

Love how Armin’s strength is shown in full force, we get to see him devising a better plan then just attacking the Titans head on. Also think its good that the Elites that are put to protect him question Eren and his abilities but have to just kind of get over it and realise that you need to just go with what is happening even if you don’t know what it is you are doing.

Really enjoyed Rico’s speech to him too, she’s a character I really like. There are a lot of really interesting female characters in the anime which is great to see and I like that they don’t hold back either. They aren’t seen as a bitch or naggy because they air their concerns they are treated with respect, well by anyone who isn’t Eren who shows 0 respect to anyone and everything.

When Eren turns he doesn’t gain control of his Titan form though and instead attacks Mikasa.

It could be to do with his anger at Mikasa. She’s trying to protect him because she see’s him as family and doesn’t want to lose any more family, he’s trying to protect her as well but goes about it in the wrong way. Eren seems to be deluded that just by wishing himself to be the hero that will save the world he’ll be that hero so gets angry that others are trying to help him. He’s motivated by his anger and I think when he turns he focuses on that one emotion and at that moment his emotions were centred on Mikasa who he had told to stay away and then she was added to the team to protect him. Personally I like to think his pride was hurt a little because he isn’t that special, he’s the most important person in this group but only because he can turn into a Titan, the one thing he hates, whilst Mikasa is added to the group because she actually CAN protect herself and fight the Titans.


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