Boku no Hero Academia : Deku vs Kacchan

Episode 7


Well its time that Deku and Kacchan fight each other. Deku is trying his best not to use his Quirk and instead is using everything he knows about Katsuki to beat him.

The rivalry between the two really is a funny thing. Deku himself kind of makes Katsuki worse because even though Katsuki finds him annoying he always played up to his ego. The more he gets told he’s wonderful the more he believes it and the more of a ass hole he gets, not that it seemed he needed much to be a asshole.

I think the whole class saw that Katsuki has the makings of a villain inside of him, its the hatred and the feeling of needing to be better that makes him so villain worthy. It only seems to blow over when he realises that Deku truly doesn’t know how to use his Quirk, the pain that he’s in after using it to win. I thought for a moment it wouldn’t blow over at all but those last few moments it really did. Deku knew he couldn’t beat Katsuki but he knew he could win the event by using his power. Thing is he already has been told that he can’t keep being healed up by the nurse because it uses his own stamina to heal up so he’s in a dangerous position.

The fact that by the end of the episode he realised that he needs to be focused on just winning this battle instead of fighting the war with Katsuki does say a lot to him but then again he’s always had his brains on his side, that was what he was hoping would get him where he is before he had a Quirk so it isn’t that surprising to see him outsmart a anger filled Katsuki at all. I would have preferred if Tenya had done more then try and play the villain, in the end he just looked like a idiot standing there laughing manically whilst his team mate went to kill his class mate. In fact Deku figured out very early on that it was actually their lack of team work that would work in his favour.

All Might is a bit of a git though isn’t he? I mean I get that he wanted to see Deku beat the guy that was tormenting him but there were lots of times where he should have stopped the test altogether, now everyone thinks what happens is really cool but what actually happened was that he forced Deku to use a power that could kill him instead of really teaching him anything or letting him do anything that will advance him. I mean obviously the story will say it helps but it doesn’t. Katsuki might get some respect for him but was it really worth it in the end? Really?

I kind of want to see some of the others try and take each other on but I doubt we’ll see it now.


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