Alice to Zouroku : Dreams of Alice

Episode 2

“Arisu no yume” (アリスの夢)

The first episode was just a little bit crazy but everything I love about everything. We’ll see what happens to Sana and Zouroku this week.

It should have just been called Dreams of Pigs the way the whole episode went.

We were introduced to Zouroku’s granddaughter Sanae who is pretty much the polar opposite of Zouroku whilst being just the same. She instantly takes a like to Sana and is there to look after her and feed her whilst Zouroku is at work. She’s quiet, funny and caring compared to her grandfathers louder more stern yet still extremely caring personality.

The episode I guess was called Dreams of Alice because we got to see her in full swing for the majority of the episode.

Whilst asleep she transports Sanae to a memory of her and her grandfather, obviously just after her parents died (and a goldfish I guess), she then tries to introduce herself to a scared Sana who rains down pigs on Sanae. Later on after eating her first pancakes and being impatient for more she creates a large pancake and manages to knock herself out in the process before finally eating enough to take her and Sanae on a tour of various places.

It was such a funny episode but so sweet. Sanae is taking on a big sister role already for Sana and even though she doesn’t know it Sana is already starting to fall into the little sister role. Even when she starts getting bossy, well, that’s just what little sisters are like (I know I had two!)

Don’t get me wrong though it didn’t shy away from the main story, the facility and what she was doing there. We learn she has no memories prior to being there, whether she was human to begin with or something they created we don’t know because that is all she remembers. The Twins were introduced to stop her from merging with other people and that is when she created the garden that they were on about in the first episode. She ran away because it looks like they are experimenting to give people her power and killed someone or turned them into a monster instead.

Her story is sad but we always knew it would be, it makes her a total mystery though.

I do wonder if part of her story is going to be deciding that what she was in the past doesn’t matter because she has a future, of course that only happens when the facility get off her back. Its strange because on one hand it feels like a cutesy slice-of-life drama and then you have the big supernatural mystery with a shady company, magical battles and torture and experimenting in the background.

Its why I said it has everything I love in it. I love things that make me want to cry because its so cute, I love mysteries, I love the supernatural and I love the overthrowing of corporations hellbent on destroying miracles instead of just letting them blossom and trying to peacefully learn about them. Its a mixture of everything.

Genre wise it was tagged as Adventure/Supernatural in most places I looked so I was never expecting to laugh as much as I have in the first two episodes. This was probably one of the most hilarious episodes of a anime I’ve ever seen. It truly is wonderful to watch.


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