Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : Whereabouts of His Left Arm : The Struggle for Trost Part 5

Episode 9

“Hidariude no Yukue -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (5)-“(左腕の行方 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑤―)

We have had a miracle. Eren is back with us. I am so excited by the fact that he came back…

Getting to see Captain Levi, Captain of the Scouts, and his group get to work was really cool. A complete contrast to the rookies we’ve been watching. It was only a small part of the episode though, they managed to take back a town outside from the Titans.

The main point of the episode was to show what happened to Eren and the aftermath of that.

It seems that people can survive being swallowed by the Titans so even though Eren should probably have died from blood loss or at least be knocked out by shock by now he manages to survive completely, witness someone give up and drown and then through his own rage transform into the Rogue Titan and come bursting out of the Bearded Titans body.

I mean it is cool, it was pretty obvious when I originally watched it  that the Rogue Titan had something to do with Eren but it was quite surprising to see him coming out of the Titans neck. The fact he doesn’t remember it is also cool, lets face it the man who hates Titans the most just turned into a Titan himself, it might be something he doesn’t really want to remember.

Personally it just makes you want to know more about Titans. If Eren can turn into one then what does that make the other Titans? When the Rogue died Eren was reborn but the others don’t have anyone coming out of them so why?

Of course it doesn’t go well for Eren. They are classed as traitors. They pretty much believe that he’s a Titan in disguise which is funny because you’d think they’d want to get someone in to experiment on him but they are too busy trying to kill him. Whilst everyone is shouting around him Eren is absolutely confused, no one seems to want to tell him anything. Well obviously because most of them are trying to kill him thinking he’s a Titan and the other two are trying to protect him.

It says a lot about their fear that they think Titans are stupid but then act like a Titan can turn into human and be intelligent. They honestly don’t seem to know what to really think about Titans. Its times like this you need someone like Armin in charge instead of a hardened warrior, its what like freckles said to Jean. He was a good leader not because he was brave but because he was one of them and was scared and kept trying to do what was right.

Whilst the cannons go off and the trio look like they are in trouble Eren has a flashback to that dream we saw him have. His father injected him with something to give him a power, the power to obviously turn into a Titan. He does so, somehow just knowing what to do, to become half a body and save Armin and Mikasa. Obviously now though I think he’s going to be on the run which is OK because he has to get back to his cellar to find out what his father had down there.

I would have preferred him just to have transformed out of fear, I don’t like it when people just KNOW what to do. I like it when they are shown not to know but to have to learn. Eren just becomes a little less interesting every time you see him.



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