Boku no Hero Academia : Rage, You Damned Nerd

Episode 6

“Takere Kusonādo” (猛れクソナード) 

We learn the results of the tests that Aizawa has put them through. Will Deku get through?!

I thought he’d be fine but he did come in last, when Aizawa said he was lying I felt like that made sense but then all of a sudden we learn that actually yes he does have the power to send people home so obviously he too see’s something in Deku that makes him special. I love it when they have to come from behind to be the hero at the front.

It was the costumes that made me laugh, they were so over the top and obviously created by kids. Its actually a great idea because as All Might himself says the costume makes the person and they suit their personalities really well, specially as there are a few background kids that obviously we won’t ever get to know too well so its nice to get a good look at their personalities.

Deku himself looks like a rabbit even if its meant to be a tribute to All Might. It made me laugh and I can’t take him seriously in it.

So their very first class with All Might see’s them in teams of two facing off against each other in indoor battles, as always fate deems that Deku gets to team with Ochako and he ends up against the team of Katsuki and Tenya. It seems we’ll get at least some of the grievances out in the open in the next episode when they have to properly face off against each other, Katsuki just seems to need to chill the hell out because he is a stroppy bugger. His anger at Deku for just about everything seems misplaced and he should really focus on making himself the best instead of worrying about what Deku is doing. Its going to be his downfall.

The one moment in the episode that I liked was the moment between Deku and his mum, she brought him a costume to make up for not believing in him but I still see it differently. His mum looked devastated for him that he didn’t have a Quirk and looked mighty guilty about it, I don’t think she ever gave up on him she just didn’t know what to say or do after finding out that she hadn’t even passed on the most basic of Quirk to him. She’s one of my absolute favourite characters from the series and its because she’s such a realistic character. She cares about her son and is hurt by things that hurt him and wants the best for him, she never really seems to not believe in his actions and seems to be always behind him it must just be hard in a world where he’s different for not having powers.

I love that he kept the outfit that she gave him but its still funny that he just looks like a giant green bunny even if its meant as a tribute to All Might.


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