Berserk : Winter Journey

Episode 2

Fuyu no Tabiji (冬の旅路)

We got to see where Guts and Casca ended up after the Tower of Conviction but no one else. Will the strange hodgepodge of a group come back together?

Obviously yes because this episode had two focuses.

It kept with Guts and Casca to show a important turn in their relationship, as of now Casca has just been out of it. She doesn’t really react to much but after a crazy few moments whilst being attacked she now fears Guts more then anyone. After once more running away and nearly being raped, like seriously the story of Casca’s life, she herself tries to protect herself from Guts before he does kinda go animalistic on her.

Right now Casca needs to be tied up and at a arms length from Guts.

More importantly because I’m a Serpico fan girl it gave us the story of Serpico. His mum obviously had a relationship with Farnese’s farther, I say relationship he fucked her and left her with the baby as rich guys do, it was therefore just luck that thrust the terrifying Lady Farnese on him. Looking for a servant to do her bidding as a child he was drafted into the job, his mother was ill so he took it and all the abuse thrown at him by her being the only constant in her life. Her mother and farther were never around and no one ever told her to stop acting like a maniac so her reputation for being a headcase was known far and wide.

Like I knew that she was a bit weird. If I didn’t defend the fact that she was a sadist in the other series I want to point out being turned on by causing pain (or by receiving it) isn’t weird (as long as, of course, its consensual. Don’t go out hurting people just because it turns you on they have to agree my friends, they must consent just like anything else) but she herself was mental. I said it was possibly down to the brain washing that seemed to be going on with the church, the way that people are turned into mobs. She’d seen heretics being burnt alive as a child and it must have warped her but I think there is something even worse going on there. When we first encountered her I didn’t think she was that crazy, I’m probably remembering wrongly but I thought she was a little hesitant to whip Guts and scared that she enjoyed it but it looks like she’s been getting her kicks from whipping poor Serpico and biting him for years.

I don’t actually think finding out that he’s her brother will stop her either.

Half brother but still….

Her dad made me laugh going on about her being demon spawn and not being able to handle her yet half the reason for this is that he didn’t give her a slap or 20 when she was being a headcase growing up. Its all good and well to try to force her to get married when she obviously doesn’t want to then send her away when you decide you can’t handle a grown headcase but if he’d paid attention a little while before that then surely she’d have been fine.

Serpico is just as much to blame. Of course it wouldn’t be the simple cliche of finding that servant who will stand up to you and learning that you can’t be a dick, he’d have probably been burnt alive, but by allowing himself to be whipped and bitten and attacked by her without telling her to grow the hell up he’s just let her turn into the warped being she is.

THEN AGAIN I don’t see the connection to her past and her in the previous series.

Honestly I don’t.

She’d never fought or killed before, she got turned on by inflicting pain and then remembered that she was sinning and didn’t like herself very much for it. Now we’ve learnt that she was even crazier then she seemed in the last series before the last series anyway which just doesn’t seem to add up to me. We even learnt she set a servants clothes on fire which would have caused them pain and possibly nearly killed them so she was like bonkers crazy before last season YET she wasn’t THAT bad last season she just seemed like a product of the church.

It was really Serpico’s story though and it was told through his eyes so we don’t know the underneath of it. It seems like a attention thing but who knows. I hated having to see him burn his mother as a heretic, we did know that happened from last season didn’t we? Seeing it this way just made me sad and even more of a fan of Serpico.

By the end of the episode the old gang was back together. Serpico and Farnese are joining Guts and Casca and Puck has his property back when Isidro finally finds Guts.

NOW I can say this series is going to be AWESOME!


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