Berserk : The Rent World

Episode 1

Hokorobu Sekai (ほころぶ世界)

We ended last years season with the return of Griffith and Guts finally getting Casca back, its time to see where everyone ended up…

It was a good opening episode just carrying on like we haven’t had a few months break at all. Guts and Casca return to Erika and Rickert to find the old man dead and Griffith there talking to Rickert.

We didn’t get to see what the others were doing but it was a wonderful beginning to what looks like a action packed series.

They don’t hold back on the violence even from the very start with a whole town being ransacked by the Kursian’s and us getting to see the people being ripped apart and set on fire whilst the women are paraded around half naked.

I thought it was a much better start to the season then the last one, I guess it had less ground to cover in it anyway, whilst the other one had to catch us up on what happened before these events or just introduce people to the world of Berserk this one doesn’t need to bother. It went right to the action and didn’t stop till the credits rolled. It was a good reminder that the fighting and pain never stops for Guts, no matter what he wants.

Turns out that Griffith is now with Zodd, good old Nosferatu Zodd. Its bad news for pretty much everyone as if Griffith reborn wasn’t enough he’s got someone who even Guts can’t defeat by his side. Griffith’s plan to take over his kingdom is going to rely on Guts being able to stop them because I doubt anyone else will be able to.

To be honest I missed Guts with his group, it was a odd bunch of people thrown together when they needed each other but there was a beauty in it. Isidro really was missed as him and Puck were a great double act needed to take some of the gore and hatred out of everything, of course I guess that was the point. They wanted to make a impact without losing any of the emotional baggage, even for people who don’t know the emotional turmoil of the Band of Hawks and all that. It worked, you couldn’t help but understand the importance o Guys quest from the episode, the urgency in which he fought Zodd to get to Griffith and Rickert’s reaction after hearing what had happened. In telling Rickert he isn’t allowed to come with him he said something like “you don’t despise Griffith” which really hit home just how seriously deep this is running for Guts.

Understandable of course.

A great first episode and it looks a lot better. People have noses and the animation is much more defined, or else I’ve just gotten used to the poor animation from the other series that its blinded me to terrible animation.

Got me real excited for the series and also offered the great news that episode 2 was out right away to watch too!

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