Boku no Hero Academia : What I Can Do For Now

Episode 5

“Ima Boku ni Dekiru Koto wo” (今 僕に出来ることを)

For the fact he actually acted like a hero and saved someone Deku only just managed to make it into UA. From now on though he’s going to have to do more then show a truly heroic side to him to stay where he is.

With a homeroom teacher determined to cut the worst person in his class after his tests Deku doesn’t have it very easy.

Its the absolute best thing for us though because we get to see some of the new characters and learn about them and their abilities better as we see them trying to complete Aizawa’s tests and stay in the class. Yuga Aoyama is probably the one that I loved the most so far, he’s just so funny. I love his vanity and how even when he looks like a fool he just shrugs it off. There are a few characters we have yet to really get to know but so many of them look like they are going to be awesome when we do.

Aizawa is pretty cool too, his ability is really awesome as he’s able to see within people and cancel out their abilities, he probably actually saved Deku in this episode more then he knows as he stops Deku using his Quirk and makes him actually focus on what he really needs to do which ended up with him being able to transfer the power into one finger.

Whilst Deku doesn’t really know how to use his ability at the moment it really is about control. What he does know how to do he has to learn to turn the power down so that it doesn’t break him, it was too much to ask for him to be able to sort all that out in one episode so that had to work with purely focusing the ability down.

Again the story is about what it takes to be a real hero compared to the raw power and/or looks that others think makes one. Aizawa doesn’t realise why Deku is where he is and neither does some of his classmates, the truth is that he has the actual makings of a hero not just a over powered human but because the villains are also over powered it isn’t special enough just to want to be a hero anymore. Its just like a job, like being a police officer or in the army, they don’t treat it like it should be something important and to be proud of. Some of them are truly only there for the glory it brings and I guess being born with a Quirk isn’t enough anymore to feel special they need to have the adulation of a crowd to go with it.

Deku will show them. He will you know because he told us in episode 2 that he’ll become the greatest so obviously he will.


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