Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : The Night of the Closing Ceremony : Humanity’s Comeback Part 2

Episode 4

“Kaisan Shiki no Yoru -Jinrui no Saiki (2)-“(解散式の夜 ―人類の再起②―)

We meet new recruits and learn a lot about the differences of opinion amongst them whilst getting a feel for some of the new characters personalities and Eren’s real determination to kill Titans.

Always though reminding you of the battle we have ahead.

We get probably a more important update on all the characters from Keith as we watch them in training. Its also kind of nice to see Erens only strength really being his determination to fight. Seeing him trying to get through everything just with his head strong attitude whilst others have their own strengths and own weaknesses. Annie Leonhart instantly becomes one of my favourites in this episode, she’s honest and see’s the world for what it is. She’s also a lot more skilled then people give her credit for realising that it doesn’t really matter what she does in the training as long as she proves herself talented enough.

Eren once more starts a ideological argument with Jean about playing it safe when they get to pick their career path. Obviously for Eren the only path is going out to fight whilst Jean doesn’t see the point in putting your life on the line when you know you won’t be able to beat the Titans. Its two sides of the same coin, Jean doesn’t seem to have a personal need to fight the Titans and he’s smart enough to be looking out for his own skin. People like Sasha don’t seem to see the threat or care for it and the speech after the closing ceremony is able to sway some into joining the Scouts instead of, again, playing it safe or going elsewhere.

Eren also shows that he can’t connect the two emotions together when he tells Mikasa that, even though she of all people graduated top of their class, should focus her resources elsewhere. When Eren is telling the world his opinion and his belief is all that matters he wants his family to be safe yet can’t connect that to someone wanting themselves to be safe.

It was a interesting episode as well as we got to see the group gathering for their first real post-training work, had a bit of a comedy break as Sasha once more steals food and this time promises to share with everyone before the Colossal shows up once more, kicking the hole into the side of the wall and leaving Eren having to take command and get his team ready for what he already knows is coming.

When I first watched it through I have to say I loved how it never really bothered to let the situation breath. For us it doesn’t feel that long since the opening actions but we’re told its 5 years and now Eren, Armin and Mikasa are scouts just for everything to go back to what it was like in episode 1. This time though they are ready to fight which is a step up from where they were as kids in episode 1.















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