Austin Powers : Goldmember (2002)

The third and so far last of the adventures of Austin Powers meets even newer threats along with the same old same old threats and a lot of 60s flair.

A new evil base, a new evil plan and a new adventure for Austin and his new partner.

I didn’t feel the second film matched up to the first but can the third save the series?

We start with a double parody. One of Austin Powers and one of Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow. The opening was bigger, badder and not as funny as it was probably meant to be.

Even though I had that feeling quite often with a lot of it I still think it was slightly better then the second.

Foxxy Cleoptra played by Beyonce was possibly the best of the three female companions but still, like Shagwell, didn’t really gel with Austin or the world around her and at times felt more like she was there to be sassy or shout a one liner then to actually do anything. Goldmember was the worst of the three villains that Myers have played with Fat Bastard and his cameo role staying with being the best. Michael Caine completely stole the show every time he was on but again felt disjointed from the world that had been created and especially from the story itself.

In fact I take back that it was better then the second one because the third one was basically “here is your story now run with it even if the rest of the cast are doing something else.”

There was a very Kitchen Sink feel to it.

Every last possibly cliche they could ring out of the characters they tried to. They went full circle on the Evil’s with Scott wanting to be like his dad, going bald, Mini-Me being pushed aside to Scott hating his dad but turning into him.

The reveal that actually Dr. Evil and Austin Powers were brothers…. Funny the first time but on second, third or 100th viewing you realise how stupid it really was.

In fact I’m writing this after watching it and I can’t even tell you what Austin did in the movie because other then exploring some Daddy issues he felt completely different from what he’d been in the other movies. He’d moved so far past being the wonderfully positive man in the first movie to a character just kind of floating on the breeze.

Goldmember for me didn’t work. He wasn’t that funny and most of the jokes were groan worthy at best.

The look into Austin and Evil’s pasts was also badly done.

Maybe it comes down to hoping for too much but the hope that the movie would at least make me laugh was shattered in the opening 10 minutes. Its a shame. A real shame.

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