Youjo Senki : How to Use a Victory [END]

Episode 12

“Shōri no tsukaikata” (勝利の使い方)

Tanya has seen a way to truly win the war, the Empire aren’t listening instead hoping that their military victories will be enough. Will they rue the day they didn’t listen to the person who basically won them the war on and off the battlefield?!


Tanya was right as always. The powers they let go have rallied against the Empire already and as the depressing monologue near the end said to keep the peace other countries in fear took up arms to continue the fighting to destroy the people they thought were challenging that peace.

This is why the Being X stuff didn’t matter to me because it was such a interesting look at humanity.

She had a great chat with Rerughen, she pointed out that she’d seen hatred, she’d seen what it could drive people to do. Whilst Strategic HQ think logically and conduct their war with their prior war knowledge the people on the battlefield feel the pain every single time they go out there and it leads to feelings overtaking logic. Who wants to think logically when you know you’ll be killed if you don’t fight?!

Again later on she gave a monologue about how in trying to win the war the Empire had scared the other nations and instead of sitting by they decided they couldn’t let the Empire do what they want. Its a full on World War now with the attacks due to come from every side and over seas as well. The Empire might have just bitten off more then they can chew.

Would taking action like Tanya said last episode help? Maybe, it would at least destroy absolute hatred and revenge from one side of them. The others are fighting in fear and rally to help those that keep fighting in anger if you had eliminated them instead of gone out celebrating you might have cut the head off the beast before it got too bad. It obviously is different from the war we know as their representation of the UK joined the war from the out as it was part of our agreement with our allies whereas their version joins because they fear their peace. It’ll be interesting if we get a second season to see how the war pans out for the Empire.

Still even though they are the bad guys I kinda want them to win.

I guess its just the fact you aren’t given a sympathetic character really on the other sides, you see some but not to the extent of the Empire characters. Its something I always like to say when talking about wars is that the actual ground troops on the other side are just normal people, you get headcases on all sides but the majority of people who die in the war joined the army because they had to or had nothing else or just like our soldiers felt pride in their nation. It isn’t hard to understand that just because we think they are the enemy they can’t feel the same about us and be justified to do so. So whilst the Empire are the bad guys you get to see the actual humans behind that army and realise, actually, they aren’t all that bad. The Empire might be the big bad but they are just normal people. Tanya might be a bitch but her reputation as a demon is because she’s going out there fighting for her and her battalions life, which is exactly what the people she kills is fighting for as well just they are the ones that lose. If they had killed her it wouldn’t be any different other then they are on the other side of the war.

As for Being X he’s granted Mary Sioux with power, she’s joining the war with the Unified States, meanwhile once more Tanya declares war on him.

There isn’t enough with that story line for me to care so it kind of bores the hell out of me.

Hopefully there will be a second season, I really want to know what happens next. I’d love to see who wins the war and in a small little way who wins the battle between Tanya and Being X. I don’t think there can ever truly be a winner in that battle though.

A great series, I’ll have the Final Thoughts blog up in the next few days.


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