Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan : That Day : The Fall of Shiganshina Part 2

Episode 2

“Sono Hi -Shiganshina Kanraku (2)-“(その日 ―シガンシナ陥落②―)

So much praise for the first episode but the second had a important story to tell all of its own…

Before we get into Eren’s fight with the Titans there was world building to be done. We had to learn how he ended up where he was and just what kind of society we were looking at.

As the refugees from the outliers flooded ever more central with the Titan’s breaking through both the outer and first of the inner walls the strain on society really started to be shown. Unfortunately humanity is not very easy to keep alive with only society behind Wall Rose left so soon those refugees were sacrificed for the better of humanity. Their deaths didn’t drive back the Titan’s but they killed off a large portion of the extra mouths that needed feeding.

For me Eren’s matter of fact narration over these events was really good. Its a emotional battle but being given the facts without the emotion made the world as harsh in our minds as it is. Its also a complete contrast to the Eren we see in the episode who is filled with emotions, first having it out with Hannes as he finally got away from the Titan’s and then having a go at Armin about not wanting to be a parasite. His need to be a Scout doesn’t go away and he ends up joining the army with Mikasa and Armin to fight the Titans.

Right now we know nothing about the Titans other then no one seemingly can bring one down. The horror of them is paramount for the series and they’ve played it perfectly. Of the 20% of the population that fought and got wiped out we heard nothing of any injuries let alone deaths to the Titans. It made it seem like a losing battle and then reminded us that this is a battle Eren is choosing at this young age to engage in.

The opening scenes themselves were just the most depressing. With someone preaching in the streets as everyone ran to save themselves and ultimately were killed by the oncoming horde of Titans. It never stopped with the horrific imagery that would ingrain itself into watchers of the anime.

It once more showed the variety of the Titans too with the introduction of the Armored Titan. He was the Titan that breached Wall Maria giving Titans free roam up to Wall Rose. There are more human looking ones, ones that would give you nightmares like the Smiling Titan and then the Armored Titan and the Colossal. It impresses me now as much as it did the first time I saw it.

Its the dreams that Eren has that I was always really interested in, the fear that they bring to him but the idea that he doesn’t really seem to get what they mean. Like a puzzle he’s meant to figure out without knowing what the picture is.

The first two episodes perfectly sent us to the world that Eren inhabits and gets us ready for the crazy battle for survival we have before us now.


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