Boku no Hero Academia : What It Takes to Be a Hero

Episode 2

“Hiro no Jouken” (ヒーローの条件)

It might confuse you why we’re jumping in at episode 2 but its because I already have a episode 1 review HERE for you to read. I was going to watch the series as it aired but got distracted as we tend to do so never finished it. We will now continue it from episode 2 to jump onto the second series when we’ve finished.

Unfortunately for Deku even All Might doesn’t give him the answers he wants, it kind of takes everything out of him seeing the state that All Might is really in, hearing him talk about how it really is and letting him know that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to be a hero without a Quirk.

I like how in the first episode you can look at the animation and the characters and not realise just how dark it could get. All Might actually is pretty much dying, he had a fight that left his respiratory system in failure and his stomach is all but gone. He can only hero for 3 hours a day. It is pretty dark within this brightly coloured world.

The torment during the episode as All Might has to come to terms with the fact that he’s pretty useless right now was something else. In the end he saves the day but once again it takes its toll on him.

Katsuki is the character this episode who is caught by the blob villain. Unlike Deku he is able to fight off the monster from killing him setting off a number of fires whilst being caught by him. This sets off the chain reaction of Deku running to help Katsuki as the other heroes couldn’t help and it inspired All Might to help.

I love the powered down All Might especially when he tells Deku that he could be a hero because of his actions on that day it was a sweet moment but such a odd looking one because the powered down version of All Might is like a homeless person or something. He actually looks pretty evil when he’s not All Might. Personally I think Deku is a idiot at the end of the day he needs to realise that his mum knows he wants to be a hero and probably feels guilty that her genes didn’t pass down to him to help him with that, also it isn’t like All Might is telling him something profound from the off he only changed his mind because Deku himself acted like a hero. If he hadn’t ran in to save Katsuki he wouldn’t be where he is now so the continued sadness about his mum not telling him he could be a hero anyway is nothing to sulk about all the time.

It was a bit of a sad episode as well as being a uplifting one.

On another note I do feel a bit sorry for Katsuki. Sure the guy is full of himself but he is very obviously talented and has the bravery to be a hero, he didn’t do anything wrong in this episode after all Deku himself was caught by the villain in the episode before so it isn’t like he’s weaker or anything, we know he isn’t. With All Might now on Deku’s side though he’s gonna end up behind Deku which we as people watching want because he’s a bit of a ass but at the same time must be a shit thing for him to have to go through seeing that Deku doesn’t have a Quirk yet somehow is obviously gonna gain one later in life and have the training of the greatest hero. I kinda feel sorry for him. Not too much.


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