Boku no Hero Academia : Roaring Muscles

Episode 3

“Unare kin’niku” (うなれ筋肉)

All Might has seen the hero potential in Deku as he ran to help Katsuki who had been taken hostage by the villain in the last episode. Now he is being taken under the wing of the greatest hero of all time.

It was like a training montage without being a training montage really. With 10 months to get Deku ready to inherit All Might’s power we get to see him struggling from little squirt to a muscly, kind of, superhero in training.

Loved that it made actual sense.

All Might’s power is passed on from hero to hero and gets stronger the longer it is passed on which means that to inherit that power your body has to be ready for it. Unlike other shows and stuff it made sense that immense power being stuffed in your body needs a powerful body to go into.

His muttering during the episode made me laugh, first trying to figure out whether he was worthy of All Mights power and then in the classroom. He’s a strange character really if you think about it, proper hero material though what with his second guessing himself and always worried that he has to be what his ideal hero would be like.

There was one line that I’m probably going to mess up right now from All Might about lucking into things and deserving them. One you get by accident the other you work hard to get, something along the lines of it. I think that is very true and maybe something that I have to remember any time I feel a little sorry for Katsuki. He kind of was just lucky to be born with a good Quirk and if he doesn’t put in the work to perfect his own abilities then he isn’t going to go anywhere and will deserve to be second best to someone like Deku who wasn’t born with a Quirk and instead had to work hard just to inherit the Quirk that All Might is about to bestow on him.

The second half of the episode set up for the next episode. The Hero exam.

Already there is that one guy who is such a pain in the ass, Tenya Iida. I don’t know if we got his name or just his exam number in the episode but I looked it up online. He’s the busybody type, having a go at the examiner because there might have been a mistake on the paperwork and then having a go at Deku for muttering during the explanation. You just want nasty things to happen to him. Maybe not too many nasty things though, he’s just annoying.

So they are gonna go to fake cities and fight robot things that are in these cities to see if they are worthy of joining UA. This is Deku’s dream and he’s gonna do his best to make sure he’s worthy of going there.

Thing is he don’t know how to use his abilities.


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