Alice to Zouroku : The Red Queen Escapes

Episode 1

“Aka no Joō, Nigeru” (赤の女王、逃げる)

Girls with the power to create what is in their imagination. This is the story of what happens to one of them when she escapes the research facility that she’s being held in and joins the real world.

It was a interesting first episode. The Red Queen is a sweet character, she’s been locked up in the research facility for who knows how long but it means that she doesn’t really think about the world around her or how to act towards people, I like that because sometimes in these things you’ll have the escapee fully aware of their surroundings or at least if they are unaware of things totally aware that they are unaware. As far as RQ is concerned she takes these things on the chin.

Which is where Zouroku comes in.

I loved that in the face of all the things that happened in the episode he took a stern, grandfatherly take to it all. He told them off and told them to make up for their obvious flaws and whilst he was obviously angry and kinda violent it was also in a sweet way if you get what I mean. The dude is a florist and he does in the end take care of RQ and look out for her.

Its got two sides to it though.

On the one hand it was pretty funny. I loved the relationship already between the two mains, the twins were pretty funny too and some of the situations were cute and gave me a giggle. I like how innocent it all looks too, it has a lovely style to it and the characters just come across as being innocent little girls.

Then you have the more serious side which is hidden in plain sight. A few different characters talk about the experiments and say they aren’t nice, we can infer that they don’t feed the people in the facility in a attempt to weaken their power and see how far they can stretch their usage on certain intakes of food. The fact that she wants to take down the facility is a story line that will no doubt be in the background the whole time as will the shady dudes in suits looking to kidnap her for more experiments.

It makes the whole show that much more interesting because it has that dual interest. I love cute and heart warming tales as much as I love a good mystery. Evil dudes trying to run experiments on kids that have magical abilities?! All up for that. Old grouchy man taking care of a kid that has no world awareness? Up for that too.

As far as first episodes go it packed a lot in whilst being very entertaining. We got to see various abilities, be introduced to the main players, see the threat for both characters and the complete set up of how they came to be where they are. We get a bit of background on Zouroku and on the Dreams of Alice. We have enough information to carry on without ever feeling like we need answers, of course we want answers to what they are doing to these kids, you’ve got a good idea its just to exploit their powers, but there isn’t anything glaringly obvious that you are going to have to wait for either.

Really enjoyed the episode and very much looking forward to the whole series.


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