ChäoS;Child : Takuru Miyashiro

Episode 11

“Kare no tatakai” (彼の戦い)

All the pieces have fallen into place and we now know just who is pulling the strings. What will Takuru do now that he knows the mastermind behind the serial killings?

Well he decides to do the right thing and tackle it head on instead of run away. It just so happened to be the wrong thing as his adopted father is much too ready for him. If he’d done what Onoe had told him to do then he would have escaped and been fine but as it is especially with the last message that Onoe killed his parents he had to run to find out just why she had done it and found himself in hell.


Because it is Sakuma that is in control, he’s harnessing powers and using the mind control to mess around with people.

“Because its fun.”

He was kicked off the committee and has little to do with them and all he’s doing right now he’s doing because he finds it fun. It makes him sick, twisted and real fucking evil but we already knew that by the grizzly way he’s been having people kill themselves and the death of a child he had call him father.

As is quite often the case Takuru is going to have to find the inner strength to battle out of the bonds tying him down. He’s able to fight off Onoe in a delusion which kind of impresses and kinda disappoints Sakuma. When he attacks, and does so well too well for someone who up till this point hasn’t really understood his powers, he leaves himself open to a angry comeback from Sakuma who sends him back into his shell. He’s flooded by the guilt he feels, the uselessness and the feeling that he isn’t good enough in anyone’s eyes. The reminders of him leaving people, him not being there and just not being good enough fill him and that is going to be what he has to fight off to beat Sakuma.

Again though the big problem is that we don’t really know Takuru.

What happened to Yui effected me because it was a horrible, grizzly and over the top way to murder a little kid and implicate a innocent guy who loved that kid and the kids family in the murder by mind control. It tortured the main characters but more then anything it developed your love and loyalty to Nono who we then found out isn’t actually the person we think she is anyway.

Takuru just doesn’t work for me. Still.

I never brought into this whole emotional anguish at the beginning of the season, it never really became real during the course of the season and with his background it just made it sound really stupid. I did feel bad for him when Sakuma became the killer and he found out his best friend was a figment of his imagination but it didn’t give me a reason to truly like him. It still feels like the show believes we’ve had this long and bonding journey with Takuru BEFORE the series began so they never had to make us like him but it made the fact that he’s going through all this kinda moot for me.

I wanna see the battle in the finale, I personally don’t mind who wins because I like bad endings as well as good endings. Good guys don’t always win in life so when its reflected in media it doesn’t bother me like it does some. I SHOULD care though because you are meant to care about Takuru, whilst I stick by the fact I don’t care who wins (look at Gangsta for example) you should at least a little bit personally want the good guy to win even though from a story telling perspective you don’t care.

I just don’t care.

That isn’t to say I’ll be disappointed, I’m not going into it thinking I’ll be disappointed. This isn’t me grumping a week before Wrestlemania because I know Roman Reigns is going to beat the Undertaker for no reason. I just don’t care about Takuru so it’ll be interesting to see how it happens but it won’t effect me if he wins or loses. Of course I might be disappointed with the ending but it won’t be because I don’t care it’ll be because the story doesn’t end well.

I wish I cared about Takuru because at times he’s a great character but he has three or four sides to him all which contradict the others. He’s one big contradiction. A beautifully drawn one but a contradiction nonetheless.


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