WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup Scottish Qualifiers

The English Qualifiers kicked us all off and it was a bloody good opening set of matches. Next up is Scotland which as we should know is home, really, of The Prestige. Will it be a Prestigious night?!

Winner : Kenny Williams

So the night starts off with THE Prestigious One against Kenny Williams.

I’m sure I’ve seen Williams before but I can’t figure out where it is I’ve seen him, love the Back to the Future stuff, not that it should surprise you that I do. So even though I love Hendry to pieces I wasn’t disappointed to see Williams advance. He has a strange way of moving does Kenny, Striker said something about him finishing off every move with a flourish and he really does which gave Hendry constant opportunities to stop his momentum. Then again the weight he gave up to Hendry also worked against him as Hendry could use the strength and his weight to over power Williams.

Kenny Williams is fun to watch though, its very dramatic and fun but the match was pretty slow and disjointed.

As I said though I wasn’t sad with the loss, it is interesting with Hendry being the head of the Prestige out and losing right off the bat. The reversal into a roll up from the ankle lock was OK but it was kinda underwhelming.

Winner : Joe Coffey

This match was good, didn’t like Thomson much but then he also spent a lot of it being overpowered and just thrown around and beaten to the ground by Joe.

From the first time I saw Coffey I loved him because he just beats people up and I’ve been disappointed that lately they’ve been having him look weaker by needing to cheat. He didn’t have to in this match and he really just went out and did his best to destroy Thomson.

It still wasn’t a electric match like some of the opening contests in the English Qualifier but it made Coffey look like the dominant force in the Scottish brackets. There wasn’t anything that was going to stop him and whenever Thomson kind of got some steam going it was just ended horribly by Coffey in the most dominant of ways.

Too many roll ups by Thomson and the Travel Lodge card in the mouth bit was once again just boring. Nice to see Coffey advance though and it’ll be interesting to see how Williams matches up to a much bigger opponent.

Winner : Grado

I’ve seen Grado live twice and absolutely every time I see him wrestle I fall in love with him a little bit more. From the stupid entrance to the silliness that goes on in the ring. I just love Grado and can’t wait to see him again soon at Pride. El Ligero was absolutely the best person to wrestle him because he could match the silliness pretty well.

It had everything a Grado match needed. Including food. Grado matches make me hungry.

My favourite bit, other then the Doritos of Doom, was Grado trying to shoulder tackle El Ligero and never actually putting any body weight into it then tiring himself out running the ropes. It was followed by Ligero holding onto Grado’s foot and running about in circles before giving the ref Grado’s foot.

Come on the match even had Grado in El Generico’s mask.

The RKO onto Doritos just made the match perfect and we got a Grado win, it doesn’t really do El Ligero any good but it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. It might not have been the best wrestling match in the world but it was the most entertaining and that is just as important.

Winner : BT Gunn

To this point in the night it was by far my favourite match. Girvan was really interesting to watch and him and Gunn were great against each other.

After the messing around of the Grado match and two good but not really that interesting matches it was nice to see two guys that really worked well and were able to really time themselves well against each other. Gunn reminded me a little of Havok from the English Qualifiers in so much as he just threw himself at Girvan whilst Girvan used the small amount of advantage he had in height to power out of what was being thrown at him.

Up until this point Girvan had never lost to Gunn and again it was nice to see a member of Prestige win without cheating even if it was a bit of a abrupt ending. In fact I think that might be the problem I really had with the opening match. Either way it was a good match.

Winner : Drew Galloway

I love Mark Coffey and you already know I love Drew Galloway. It was interesting seeing how he worked on getting Galloway to the floor which is the only way to go against the Giant that is Galloway. Sometimes it feels like nothing anyone can do will keep Galloway down for long and he looks more pissed off then anything else when someone tries to floor him.

Coffey needed to stay smart and out of a proper fight with Galloway so when Galloway started to be able to use his power that was absolutely it for Coffey. You can’t out punch Galloway and you can’t out power him.

Mark is so very different from his brother though and is a absolute pleasure to watch.

Drew Galloway might be most dangerous when people kick out of his Piledriver. A FutureShock DDT followed not too long after though which Coffey couldn’t kick out of. Would love to see more of the younger Coffey brother. A nice bit of sportsmanship, in fact the only sportsmanship in the tournament so far from the two of them.

Winner : Martin Kirby

I feel bad for Banks losing once more to Kirby. He liked my tweet calling him my baby so in my eyes now he needs to be protected. It was a much better match then some of the ones he’s had recently and again nice to see him fight it himself. In fact the Prestige didn’t feel at all like a group tonight and instead back to their singles personas. It was nice to see them all fight cleanly too.

It was much slower then Kirby is used to and Banks was able to outwit Kirby for most of the match, the small little silly things Kirby does just didn’t work with him. Unfortunately Banks was the first member of the Prestige that let himself get distracted by Striker and whilst him being distracted didn’t do too much damage right off the bat it did change the pace of the match enough that Kirby could speed it up.

The failed Zoidberg Elbow, playing possum and Banks getting too cocky leads to a Sable Bomb and a win for Kirby.

I do love Martin Kirby though, he’s always great fun to watch. Banks though is just so amazing and he really kicked ass. Hopefully this builds into something big.


BRILLIANT build up to the Hendry/Kidd feud but also the there in the background thing with Striker. Whilst the end game is Hendry/Kidd/Rhodes the speed bump in the road for Hendry is going to be Striker.

Loved how angry Kidd was shown to be. Loved him not giving any shits who he was in the ring with. Again as a Hendry fan its hard to hate him but its so hard to like him when he’s beating up someone like Kidd who, actually just like Hendry, is so easy to support.

Winner : Joe Coffey

Well of course Joe Hendry was one thing but Joe Coffey is something else. Hendry might have the power but he hasn’t even half the power of Coffey who went straight after Williams right from before the bell started and kept his ferocious side going. I feel Willias had a better showing against Coffey, it was a little less showy and much more focused attack on his opponent then against Hendry.

Really loved Williams offence against Coffey even if a lot of it was like jumping at a brick wall. He was able to show off his actual wrestling ability a lot more and it was a really electric match.Sometimes I enjoy watching Joe beat people up so much I forget how good he is at submission, he just twisted Williams in every single way he could and that final submission was just bloody horrible, shame that Kenny lost though.

Still get annoyed with just how much Coffey needs to go back to the key card, no one else has done that tonight but he did it twice. Just unneeded now, worked in the Bullet Club match and made a good visual and good reversal but Coffey needs to stop it now.

Winner : Drew Galloway

Gunn did his best to match up to Galloway. He was on him right from the start, I mean it was silly of Galloway to stay knelt down for his introduction as it was obvious the Prestige members aren’t below attacking before the bell rings, and he kept it up. He’s a little unorthadox which makes him fun to watch but again its the best thing against Galloway who just has so much power. Keep attacking him, keep up the pace and attack as much as you can in a small space of time instead of trying to hit him hard and put him down.

Thing is, as  I said above, Galloway just doesn’t seem to get hurt ever. Its like he’s swatting at annoying flies all the time and the longer the fly attacks the angrier he gets and that is never a good thing for anyone.

Galloway goes through. No surprise for me really.

Winner : Marty Scurll

What a match from three of the best WCPW talent at the moment. I loved how different all three were yet it just worked perfectly. Riddle’s SuperBro kind of thing didn’t matter because when he started to do it and it looked worrisome for whoever he was in the ring with the other person was able to take him out.

Its really Scurll though, I know the whole thing is meant to look like some kind of Batman Villain but it just works so well. You can’t help but keep your eyes on him, he just radiates charisma. His gear, the way he moves and the silly things he does it just keeps you glued to him, even when nothing was happening it was Scurll that my eyes were on not the other two. He kind of glued the match together as well by breaching the gap between Riddle and Ospreay’s styles and bringing another side to it.

It as always made me happy to see Scurll win with the Chicken Wing but the match was absolutely crazy.


I don’t know I felt a little of the spark was missing from the night. It got a lot better the longer the night went on but for the talent in the tournament it just felt a bit flat. You might be able to tell my enthusiasm disappeared by the simple fact that I just gave up by the end of the review.

Got me excited for State of Emergency though with the ongoing story of Joe Hendry pissing off Matt Striker and all that. Like the two who have gone through think Coffey and Galloway are going to absolutely smash it when it comes to the finals, really think Coffey has to be a favourite to win what with him just being a big hitter and having the support of the Prestige behind him.

I think I guess what made it a little flat was probably the Prestige themselves. It felt more like a fight against them then qualifiers for the World Cup.

Looking forward to what comes next, I believe its the Mexican Qualifiers which should be so much fun!

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