WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup English Qualifiers

Its very late and been sat in my drafts for too long thanks to work commitments. I unfortunately this is being completed whilst having watched only about half of the Scottish Qualifiers and facing another day at work but I’m hoping to get it out before Sunday evening.

Late but gonna post it anyway. The English Qualifiers.

Winner : Will Ospreay

So the first of the first round matches is a interesting match. The fun and crazy style of Martin Kirby vs the unique and inventive style of Will Ospreay.

It was a great opening match. The two of them are pretty funny, Kirby has some really silly moves and times the comedy of the silly ones perfectly whilst Ospreay reacts to everything in such a great manner that when stupid things happened you were left in fits of laughter but the majority of the match was just a beautiful fight against two of the best England have to offer.

When Kirby builds up steam he can come up with some great moves and it wasn’t always easy for Ospreay to second guess where he was going, its where the funny stuff comes into play. Him throwing Ospreay’s foot to the ref for example confused Ospreay enough, maybe not that well, to take advantage of him. Its also obviously his downfall, the ever failed attempt at the Zoidberg Elbow wasted time and ended with him getting a modified, kinda, version of the Cheeky Nando’s kick over the ropes instead of in the corner. If he’d kept on Ospreay he would have been slightly better off.

It was Ospreay landing on his feet from the frankenstiener that really won him that match and gave him the opening to hit the OsCutter and win the match. It was a great opening bout.

Winner : Rampage

Every time I hear Rampage is about to wrestle I kind of get myself ready for people trying to kill each other because Rampage will just destroy you and after the last few months of matches I’ve seen him in there isn’t a ‘nice’ gear for him in the ring. He just rips people apart. Was a huge Aldis fan a long time ago (it feels at least) but hadn’t seen him wrestle for years so I was VERY much looking forward to it.

Such a different match from the opener, very much a slower paced affair between two very hard hitting dudes.

Bradshaw kept going on about Aldis and him not being used to feeling someone who matched his power and it made me laugh because I just want to see him in WCPW more often because if he really isn’t used to it he needs to have some time with some of Rampages friends like the evil Monkey himself Primate.

Of course it was pretty slow on purpose because Aldis needed to keep Rampage off his feet but also needed to stop him from building any momentum, it was moves like a flying Clothesline off the middle rope that let Rampage change the pace up a little to give him space from Aldis and his superior technical wrestling and put some pain to Aldis.

Was pretty disappointed with the ending, Aldis kicked ass yet Rampage got it with a roll up. I would have liked to see Rampage get his own way a little. Nice handshake at the end even though obviously Aldis was a little pissed about the ending. Will be interesting to see Rampage vs Ospreay.

Winner : Matt Riddle & Liam Slater

JAMES R. KENNEDY WAS ON COMMENTARY! That man gives me life, I don’t know why Striker was upset. I’d be delighted to be joined by the gorgeousness that is James Kennedy. He was absolutely amazing on commentary just moaning and complaining about Prospect. He worked well against Striker to be honest. I love Kennedy. I just really love him. He even said Liam is a real prospect, the man knows talent. I am a true Kennedy fan girl, he’s absolutely second in my list of the greatest things in WCPW (non-wrestlers list) behind Adam Pacitti. His anger at the crowd getting behind Prospect now that he’s no longer in their corner was heartbreaking. Poor, poor Kennedy.

I can’t help but be a little disappointed that Liam Slater (edit : I found out during the Scottish Qualifiers that he’s 4 years, FOUR BLOODY YEARS, younger then me) is in another tag match with Riddle. I kinda like the fact we get to see them work properly together, they looked like a mighty team during the Tag Team Tornado Match, but I can’t help but want to see more and more of Slater in singles competition. The guy is really turning into something else and I hate that its kinda been hidden away again. To be fair the same can be said for Riddle, then again any match with Riddle could steal the show so I get why he’d be put in a tag team if he isn’t the main event.

The stick fighting was pretty fun but didn’t really add anything other then show off another side to Gracie and let Kennedy complain some more. It didn’t do anything, Gracie didn’t even win it, he took the stick from Riddle just to then be isolated in the corner and be worked on by Riddle and Slater who really did work well together. I loved the quick tags, the ring awareness of both Slater and Riddle and keeping their attacks hard hitting in small bursts, it was a great bit of tag team wrestling from the two.

It was actually a bad match for Prospect because it made them look very poor against a team that was kinda just thrown together, unless Slater and Riddle tag elsewhere (they could, can’t say I keep up with either of their careers obviously, I’m lazy.) Their double teaming didn’t look as clean, they didn’t really look like they functioned as a team, even when there was miscommunication between Riddle and Slater it didn’t look bad whilst the posing and messing about by Prospect looked awful. I love Prospect but it just looked terrible for them.

Nice moment at the end though, good sportsmanship from the two teams.

Winner : Zack Sabre Jr

Back to the Qualifiers and I didn’t realise just how much I needed this match in my life. Have I seen them wrestle against each other? I can’t remember (I don’t remember anything) but I’m pretty sure I haven’t. It was such a different match and it was great to see someone really taking it to ZSJ, the fact they knew each other well because they have tagged together and all that was great because it stopped Scurll being able to do the stupid little things all the time but also made it funny.

You really have to see the match though because it was a masterclass and whilst ZSJ had the upper hand just a little bit it didn’t mean that Scurll was any less impressive because he was bloody impressive. It was completely different from anything I’ve ever seen from Marty Scurll really because usually he’s much faster and much harder hitting and doesn’t go with the slow pace. He still had a bit of the fun side to him but compared to his usual Villainous ways he actually wrestled with a lot more respect then usual.

Sad that Scurll lost to a reverse of the Chicken Wing though also can’t believe that ZSJ was angry at Marty for using his finger cracking move on him. Actual respectful behaviour at the end as well which was lovely. Great match, match of the night by far.

Winner : Jimmy Havok

I love Jimmy Havok. I’ve never seen him wrestle before but I did see him at Chaos last year at Total Chaos and just love him as a person so excited to see him wrestle for the first time for WCPW.

When Gibson finally shut the hell up he did kind of take control of the match a little, going after the shoulder of Havok, keeping the pace slow and stopping the match from turning into a brawl which suits a man that was billed as being a Hardcore wrestler. When Gibson got too cocky Havok was able to use his experience to bring Gibson to his own world. Makes me want to see Havok more in WCPW because he is very different from a lot of their guys, he isn’t a giant monster like Primate and Rampage but he really did look happier on the outside just brawling with Gibson.

There was a double foot stomp from the ring apron over the barriers onto Gibson from Havok, I could see where Bradshaw was going with his commentary but he sounded a little bored. It was like a moment with Mick Foley when JR would go batshit crazy or even anything Shane McMahon does that sends everyone into a franzy but Bradshaw felt like he was reading it off a script with no real emotions and it was sad because that move was fucking stupid and awesome.

So happy to have finally seen him wrestle. I loved him as a personality before now but his style is so fucking amazing, I would have preferred to see him vs Ospreay then ZSJ but just seeing two matches with him will be fun. His style was so cool and unpredictable. Really like Havok.


Our GM is honestly the second best. He came down basically to say because Hendry cheated in his Internet Championship number one contenders match it means that, that match is now voided and when Hendry faces Cody Rhodes for that title so will Gabriel Kidd. Lets hope that Gabriel Kidd wins.

He also announces that right NOW El Ligero is going to fight Christopher Daniels for the ROH title.

See that is why he’s the second best GM WCPW has ever had.

Winner : Christopher Daniels

So, this will be interesting!

It was a great match, Ligero and Daniels are two fantastic guys to watch but I loved that there was a fun side to the match and it wasn’t all seriousness. It was a little bit like the fights I’ve seen Ligero and Kirby in and you can say that in a way his wars with him meant that when Daniels got cute with moves he was able to foresee them and reverse them instantly.

When they finally got serious it was interesting to see Ligero kind of take to the heel side of things as he was the man that wanted to make it serious leaving him the one getting booed. It was interesting that his interactions with the crowd also changed and he took to it well without actually becoming a bad guy. His move set even kind of become more ground based, much more heavy hitting and focused on hurting Daniels instead of wowing the crowd. It was a much more interesting side to Ligero then the one we usually see.

The reverse of the Angel Wings sped up the match a little with a flurry of moves from Ligero but it didn’t last too much longer. I thought the moment with the belt and Ligero deciding whether to use it or not was wasted really because no one wanted to see Ligero do it, no one wants to see evil Ligero, and no one really believed it I think.

It was a Best Moonsault Ever that won the match for Daniels and it still is a thing of absolute beauty that Moonsault. He is just something else ain’t he?

Winner : Drew Galloway

It wasn’t obvious at the beginning of the match whether or not it was a championship match but I don’t think it mattered unless of course Galloway lost.

Funny to see Galloway get the upper hand so fast after all we saw Galloway vs Ospreay not that long ago and Ospreay is very similar, as you know, to Ricochet and he was on Galloway from the off whilst Ricochet didn’t use his speed, got himself thrown around a while and then tried to out chop Galloway. It was a odd opening but it could be forgiven because you knew that Ricochet would find something to bring it to Galloway.

Again I want to point out I don’t believe that Galloway is 6 foot 5. He truly is a giant, his hands looked as big as Ricochet’s head and he threw Ricochet around like he was nothing. Similarly when Ricochet used his speed he ran around the ring and Galloway swiped at him like a normal sized human would attempt to do to a annoying fly. I kinda met Galloway last April (did I mention that Plymouth’s own Eddie Ryan pretty much was screwed out of beating him? WCPW should really think about making PWA and Ed Dyers mistake and give Eddie a re-match) in Plymouth, when I say kinda I stood next to him on the stairs of the Guildhall when he was on his way up the stairs into the main hall and I couldn’t remember him being that tall but on TV, I don’t know if I’m just taller then I think or Eddie Ryan is taller then I think or I’m just remembering wrongly but… I don’t actually remember my point. He’s just a bloody giant ain’t he?!

It was interesting seeing Ricochet trying to outsmart Galloway and use his speed to beat him but Galloway just kind of stood to the onslaught and got a little bit annoyed about it. It was fun to watch and some of the feats of strength from Ricochet, though short lived, were amazing. Not as good as the Ospreay match though.

Galloway was way pissed off with a kick out from a piledriver and landed three Future Shocks on Ricochet before pinning him to win the match.


Why the hell is everyone obsessed with beating up Blampied?! Like he’s so innocent looking and he keeps getting beaten up by Adam Pacitti who is actually embarrassing when he attacks people. Give the poor guy a break. He’s the second best Adam and doesn’t deserve to be threatened all the time.

The actual point of it was to further the rivalry between Hendry and Kidd which I’m loving to be honest with Blampied being let go without harm and finding Prince Ameem knocked out around the corner.

Winner : Will Ospreay

Very different match from both of their first round matches. Much faster for Rampage who found himself trying to slow the pace instead of speed it up, Ospreay didn’t go for the slowing down of Rampage that Aldis did instead trying to speed up more and more and hit him often knowing that he couldn’t hit him hard enough to put him down. As always with Rampage matches it just looked horrible at times, swiping Ospreay’s legs out from under him so he hit the ring apron hard then picking him up like he weighed nothing and just slammed him against the barriers a few times was horrible. Rampage just looks like he’d kill someone given the chance, the only word I can use is horrible.

At no point did Ospreay look like he could beat Rampage, I loved his attitude though and the spit to Rampages face. The defiance meant that I kinda wanted whatever was going to happen to happen so he could win. Bea came down to save him and the two scuttled off after he got the three count off the OzCutter. Great match in its own way.

Winner : Zack Sabre Jr

Like the above match it was always gonna be different from their first round matches.

It was a good match, not the best. I got a little distracted which was probably my fault but it couldn’t be helped. I felt deep down it was always gonna be ZSJ that won it so my mind did wander and I wasn’t surprised to see him win with a submission.

Was nice to see Havok a little more in charge then he was in his first match but it was always only going to be a matter of time before Sabre hit him with something out of nowhere that he couldn’t wiggle out of and that was exactly what happened.

I’m sad Havok didn’t win.

Winners : The Prestige

I loved the Bullet Club with Kidd and kind of side eyeing him and not really knowing what to make of him. I’m no fan of the Bucks as I keep saying but their entrance is bloody amazing and them and Cole posing with the lights flashing and everything was great. Kidd was like, well, just a giant kid.

It was a really good match. The Prestige looked so good against the Club and those guys just had great timing. Having someone else with the Bucks always makes me like them more, usually its obviously Kenny Omega (and who can’t like Omega?!) but now its Adam Cole and it was just so much fun to see it. More then anything though I loved the ongoing story of Kidd trying to be part of the Club and the Club not knowing what to make of him, he really had some great moments in the match and it was kind of like Kidd growing in the match to become part of his actual team. I liked his Too Sweet and one of the Bucks kinda smiling and going “we aren’t quite there yet” it was sweet.

Of course we had one of those key card moments which was pretty cool looking even if I hate it, loved the Bullet Club using the cards on the Prestige afterwards and just how long Gunn kept it in his mouth.

No surprise it was Kidd’s attempt to be part of the Bullet Club that got him in trouble. Instead of waiting his turn he took it and ended up becoming the prey of his opponents who kept him isolated in their corner at any cost necessary.

It was a great match and a showcase of just what makes the Bullet Club that special.

You can guess what happened can’t you?

Kidd becomes the last person that can be tagged, Coffey throws the ref in front of a Superkick, Hendry delivers a low below, stereo kicks to the side of the head from Banks and Gunn then the Black Coffey and a three count. They didn’t get to celebrate their win but to be honest it was good team work from them and what you’d expect and I’m happy they won over the Bullet Club. Sad for Kidd though who is still on his losing streak.


I liked the idea of the World Cup since it was announced and I think the first Qualifiers proved that it is a masterpiece of a idea. Its only been one country so far, and that country is the one that WCPW is based in, but you could just feel from the way these matches played out that when we start seeing other countries and more new faces to WCPW in it then it’ll just get more interesting. It started to feel like a big deal, I’m a big fan of, and only of, the Euro cup and World cup in football because I like seeing the best of the best fight it out… Kinda…. I hate seeing Italy lose but that is a story for another blog… And it feels that way with this. As I said I hadn’t seen Havok wrestle before this but it was so good to see him wrestle and Aldis I hadn’t seen for a long time but seeing him against Rampage was a absolute delight. When we move out of the UK based Qualifiers there are just going to be more faces that I might not know and it’ll bring up random matches that we wouldn’t necessarily see if they hadn’t put it together.

Personally I think this is a great idea.

Also love that it really is a proper event too. The Qualifying matches were punctuated by some absolutely amazing matches with some of the big names in WCPW who didn’t qualify for these brackets. It made the night feel special.

I wanna see more of Havok and Aldis. I can’t wait to see what the other Qualifiers come up with. I can’t wait to see who is going to go on to have to fight ZSJ or Ospreay. I mean out of all the guys they had in this side of things they really did have two of the most entertaining, interesting and talented Englishmen go through which is wonderful.

Match of the night was still the ZSJ/Scurll match. It was just a masterclass. Specially loved the little fall out and show of respect at the end because it felt so real. I love Marty’s ability to tell a story even in that kind of match and it was the first time I felt the same about ZSJ who I love to see do his thing but, being honest, sometimes can be a little bored of him. Not usually his fault it usually is just the person against him tries to fight him at his own game and can’t do it as well as Scurll did.

Thought it was cool the refs really just let them all go at it. They were very lenient and I think it was needed. It let everyone showcase absolutely everything they could do without obviously going over the top which I think is what the tournament really needs because it IS about showcasing the best in the world.

Also love that they took their time to move on the story between Hendry/Kidd and now my KIDD MUST BEAT HENDRY AND WIN THE TITLE!!!!!! thing (it is a thing its my thing and I love my thing) can become reality. WCPW have given me a out because I couldn’t think of a good enough story (hey I’m not paid to do that I’m paid to serve customers at a till and drag huge pallets of food about a store all day long, I sometimes come up with good ideas and think my PWA Fantasy Booking was a great thing) but now adding Kidd to the Internet Championship Match means he could get a upset win in a triple threat, win the title, beat Hendry and it would be pretty special but not in any way contrived or silly like what I was going on about.

If he doesn’t win I’ll cry.

Jimmy Havok is awesome though isn’t he?

Plus if anyone from the West Country reads this and wants to drive me to a DWA show in Barnstaple from Plymouth on the 20th May and spend my 28th birthday with me I am looking for someone to take me as I don’t drive myself. I’m looking for a new best friend as I don’t know anyone who drives. I will pay for everything I just need you to be willing to go see the show, put up with me going on about how wonderful my favourites are and take photos if I get close to those favourites. I don’t mind travelling to somewhere like Exeter and travelling back from Exeter, as long as we get back in time for the train/bus, its a Saturday so it should be OK. I’m putting a plea out everywhere because last year (this is where the sob story comes in) I really tried to have a weekend of wrestling but ended up spending silly amounts to go to Pro Wrestling Chaos in Yate but having to leave half way through the show and then had a anxiety attack at Pro Wrestling Pride in Teignmouth which left me looking like a idiot when I met Bram. I want to put this right this year by getting to my first DWA show and it not being messed up. So that is the begging you’ll have to put up with until May. I apologise. I will love whoever takes me forever though and as I’m a miserable person that will be something to behold.

Then again the Bram vs Ultimo Tiger street fight was one helluva birthday present… And Tiger beat him… For the first time, but not the last time, that year. That isn’t the point though. Plus Eddie Ryan dressed as a Magnum…. And Johnny Kidd vs Scotty Wainwright was one of the best matches in 2016 I witnessed…. In fact everyone should go look up Pride, I’m sure they’ll have the show on DVD or on their OnDemand platform. It was a great night and you get to see me front row…. Like all Pride shows. Its relevant because it has a WCPW wrestler on it (another cool story that I have to share whenever I talk about that event is that if you don’t know Teignmouth its a tiny little place so we got off the train and went to get a taxi in the taxi office and ended up sat talking to Johnny Kidd who was also waiting for a taxi about Mountevan rules matches and the history of British wrestling. That Sunday was one of the best, we also all got kebabs on the way home and even though only one of us was drunk we all acted like we were and I was surprised we weren’t kicked off the train.) So yes that is Pro Wrestling Pride and their Teignmouth show in May of last year, if they DON’T have it online you want to moan at them to see it because just Kidd vs Wainwright (then Essex) and Bram vs Tiger are worth annoying Darren and Naomi to see.

The Scottish Qualifiers review will hopefully be out before Sunday evening. Hopefully.


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