Youjo Senki : Resistance

Episode 11

“Teikō” (抵抗者)

My cousin is watching this series too and he told me that this episode was extremely good, it took me a while to get up to date again as I’ve been working but it made me extremely excited for this episode…

Which was its downfall I guess.

I feel the big fight was a let down. Tanya didn’t lose anything she wasn’t even really hurt in the battle and Being X never actually totally appeared. Anson died and that was it. For me that was the interesting battle and it was over in the first half, as was apparently the war.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting a great deal but at least a little more then what we got. I thought Being X would at least talk within the episode, that it would be the last attempts to get Tanya to believe but it didn’t work that way. She herself didn’t even pray really, she did to boost her speed but in fighting she relied on her own abilities. She killed Anson for the second time, this time with the gun his daughter had given him.

It was a impressive battle don’t get me wrong and with Tanya’s group dropping like flies you felt like there was going to be a lesson learnt.

But after she survived the suicide bombing by Anson, the back up arrived and the rest left and then all those you thought had been killed were dragged out of the water perfectly fine it just felt like what was the point? Tanya has obviously won.

I said it afterwards on Twitter that for me that was kind of the last nail in the Being X story to making it the weaker of the two being told. Whilst I’ve really enjoyed this battle between belief and non-belief, even if it was baffling, I feel like the only real positive it has added was a few creepy moments and a cool backstory for Tanya. His appearances and his latest attempt to beat her just feel like they have lead to nothing.

Now the war itself is interesting as hell. The Empire think they’ve won but Tanya feels she’s found the one last piece of the puzzle that needs to be destroyed before they can safely say they’ve won. Unfortunately there is a Armistice and she’s forbidden to attack which baffles me seeing she’s basically planned all the moments that won them this war so far so when she goes to them and tells them that they have one weak spot left you’d think they’d jump to letting her work on it Armistice or no Armistice. We end the episode with her raging in her office.

I don’t see the end game anymore though.

Win or lose the story was never really about the war. Whilst for me its the most interesting part and I want the Empire to win I also know I’m a bit of a ass hole so wanting the bad guys to win isn’t really that surprising. If they lose then they lose but then surely it’ll just be another bump in Tanya’s road. I guess if they lose it could go down the way the end of WWII did and those in power or seen as being the most responsible will be tried and executed, even if she’s just a girl, so the end game might be coming to the end of a second life and having to realise that she was wrong.

Why would she be wrong?

I’m pretty sure that Being X’s main point of reincarnating Tanya was for her to live and find hope. Tanya believed in a world where everyone could get what they wanted at a click of a button they won’t need ‘God’ anymore unless they are so down and out all they could afford was hope. Whilst I don’t think Being X is any kind of decent Thing, whatever it is, I do feel It sent her back to make her live a honest life of those that need hope to get them through. Instead she was hard headed and decided to get back into a place of power to prove to this Being that even those at the bottom can work their way up and become something that doesn’t need hope or ‘Gods’ or anything else.

COMPLETELY FORGETTING that she herself has the benefit of hindsight.

In our world, which I guess is where she’s from, she’d have learnt about all the wars and great men and women who led battles. She is able to see flaws in things from her knowledge of what went wrong in our world. She isn’t a normal down and out because she’s actually a fully grown business man in a female childs body.

You could say being thrown into the middle of a war is the most hopeless thing of all but that isn’t true for everyone. Some people are born to be in that situation and she wasn’t born into that, she was born into a peaceful(ish) world and learnt lessons these guys are learning now and became a businessman who didn’t care who they hurt as long as they carried on up the ladder. She’s survived because he has quicker wits being a adult controlling a child body. There are very few situations a mind like his wouldn’t find a way to crawl to the top. He has belief sure, belief in himself. He talks to Being X and gives It the power over him but Being X doesn’t seem to sit there and point out that even if Tanya believes in Being X as being just a random Thing in the universe its still fucking belief that there is something out there bigger then humanity.

Its confusing and I’m not sure where you really go to end it.

Its obvious that not heeding her warnings will lose them the war in the next episode but where that leaves the story I don’t know!


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