One Piece : The Consummate Actor

Chapter 861

The wedding is drawing closer and closer, the guests have arrived, the family has gathered and its just about time to get to Luffy’s grand entrance…. Or just the plan in general but Luffy has a grand entrance and I want to see it…

Not this time though!

Last chapter and this chapter are much more about setting the scene. It reminds us just how dangerous not only the plan is but just getting to the point where you get to the plan is.

EVERYTHING in this place is alive, Bege made the mistake of blabbering on about the plan in front of a door which unfortunately then lost its life when finally the crew noticed, but all it will take is for one slip up like that to go unnoticed and Bege himself will have messed up. The Straw Hats are asleep inside of Bege and won’t be waking up till 10 minutes before the plan starts and as Bege see’s at the end of the chapter Sanji is a little TOO into his role as the groom. If anything goes wrong before the plan starts I can only see it being Bege or his crew that have messed it up.

So far everything looks to be going well though.

Sanji had me giggling when he was trying to be Mr Romantic Dorkface whilst at the same time trying to remind himself that she’s acting and is actually planning on killing him. As I’ve said before I really do hope all this works towards Sanji laying off the romantic side of himself, I’d like him to realise what I think he truly knows deep down and that is that beauty is only half the story and he really just needs his family, as in the Straw Hats not the Germa, and he’ll be good to go. I just think it was funny to begin with and got over the top recently and could be completely wiped out without anyone truly minding, of course still have him go gooey over Nami, Robin and even people like Vivi if he see’s her again but leave it out with the rest.

Again though it was the dangerous situation they were in that made the chapter so important. We know already how bad Big Mom’s family is well now we’ve got to see even more of the children gathered together and with such wonderful names you can only imagine what powers they’ll have. I don’t think any of them are going to be standing there for long watching what happens to Big Mom and I don’t see them getting out unscathed. Bege is making a big gamble here.

It also kinda made me very interested in the guys from the Black Market or whatever it is. The VIPs that were introduced last chapter. I wonder if the closer they are to their end goal the more important part these guys will play. This chapter on its own they are giving very lavish gifts to Big Mom and you can guess they’ll have their hands in the other Yonko’s business too, even Shanks. I have a feeling their introduction isn’t just to be defeated but to show that it very much is a different world to what the Straw Hats are used too.

The wedding is beginning though and with a break for a week its going to be difficult to keep my excitement down as the countdown to Luffy’s grand entrance begins!

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