ChäoS;Child : Duel

Episode 9

Well… We might be off to face the actual killer. If the killer is who they say it is then I was right all the way back when I announced my suspicions on them.

Then again the amount of U-turns and crazy theories in this series leaves it open to being another misunderstanding.

Probably not this time right?

I will start once more with the normal complaint I have of this show.

It goes at 100 miles a hour, I thought episode 0 was bad but gave it a pass because it was a recap of a whole other series but this series itself is just as bad as that one episode.

Instantly the show wants you to care about characters you’ve only just met. They throw in drama at random and forget that drama at whim. The twists and U-turns I don’t mind, in fact that is the kind of TV I like (see Inside No.9 for some truly wonderful dark and twisted stories) but whilst some things I get others make me wonder if they missed a step in showing the audience that is where it was going.

Obviously I get shocking revelations and such like but the characters don’t react properly.

Takuru seems oblivious to everything all series long yet he is able to not only produce his Di-Sword, a word we’ve only just learnt in this episode if you’ve only watched Chaos;Child, at whim. Whilst its obvious that he’s suffering a lot of trauma around his past in this episode we’re meant to just once more accept that he isn’t going to question it at all. He goes from suddenly having a painful flashback to once more shrugging it off.

Whilst Mio’s character might have a reason to be angry we have no idea why she’s suddenly angry and hates Gigalomanics. In fact from what I’ve seen all that happens to them is they get killed and persecuted. Its gone from being a mystery to why they are the way they are, then kinda hinted it might have something to do with all these experiments to now having to do with them wishing on the flash of bright light during the Earthquake.

Like what the actual fuck!?

Nothing ever seems to follow on from something else. The information is thrown at you and you are meant to piece together a puzzle that doesn’t even match. Its like three or four puzzles thrown into one box and you just keep shoving pieces in till you have a half decent photo of a minion hugging Winnie the Pooh.

I keep wondering if I have just missed something, maybe the ability to binge watch made it stand out more then to someone who watched these 9 episodes weekly, but this whole episode was the tipping point that made me angry.

We are finally getting answers and they make the story just as cool as it had been so far but when you look under the layer of grizzly animations, heartbreak and drama and actually follow the story through its the characters and their lack of reaction, their ability to act like they knew it all along and the failure to question big fucking things like WHY THE HELL TAKURU WAS IN THE TESTING FACILITY YET ACTS LIKE IT WASN’T A BIG DEAL that makes it so mind numbingly annoying.

So Onoe is the killer but Onoe is the killer because she’s Takuru’s imaginary friend who he wished into being when the Earthquake hit, after all that is what is going on now. It makes a bit of sense in the grand scheme. The Pyro being disfigured thanks to a fire and wanting others to feel her pain gaining the ability to burn things… Senri wanting it to be her that died instead of Kurusu and therefore becoming Kurusu. Even Takuru’s ability made sense until we’re told it doesn’t because his wish was for Onoe to become real which did happen so where the hell did his power come from?! Did he magically get two powers or is Onoe being a imaginary person trying to play games with him enough to make whatever she says go?!

Who the hell knows anymore?

Technically with this episode I’m up to date even though the review will come out a long time after episode 9 and indeed episode 10. My reviews from now on will, even though they are late, be live reactions. I am no longer binge watching so maybe my reactions will be different.

The main thing is I’ve really enjoyed this series, I really have even though I’ve bitched and moaned about it. I just think its one that though it looks like something you want to dig into really isn’t something you want to dig into because it makes less sense every time you dig. It’ll be one that is very satisfying to watch on a second run when you know what happens and can slowly pieces the bits together knowing what the big end game was. I just think they missed a opportunity to make it better by having characters that make sense.


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