ChäoS;Child : Heads or Tails

Episode 8

Nothing could get me ready for what happened in the previous episode. I want answers and I want them soon!

So its one of those episodes where everything you know gets turned on its head but I guess it was foreshadowed. When Kurusu told Arimaru that Senri wasn’t the killer and she saw her die before her eyes it was both true and untrue. We learn that Kurusu isn’t actually the person we think she is, Kurusu died in the Earthquake and Senri’s powers allowed her to take over Kurusu’s body. She’s been lying ever since but I think to a point she’s also right in what she said, taking over Kurusu’s body meant that she saw Senri die and a new life begin for her.

You can’t blame her either, her backstory up until the experiments is something I can relate to. As a introvert you learn over time to pretend you are happy being a introvert but in fact you aren’t and some people are able to look through that and just push you out of your shell but 99% of people won’t bother. Whilst I get why they won’t bother its also the part in the circle that makes it vicious, because they won’t you think you aren’t worth it and go back to trying to bury yourself deeper. It isn’t a fun position to be in so when Senri then went to her mum and asked for help her mum took her to these experiments for some odd reason. I don’t know what would ever make her mum think this would help instead of just trying to get your kid to be more social but that is what happened. I therefore don’t blame the kid for running away and trying to have Kurusu’s life, Kurusu was the only kid that tried to break that shell and just as she was making a friend that friend was torn from her life.

It was yet another twist but I liked the twist a lot.

Still nothing about this constant flashing back to Takuru being in the facility himself. Nothing. Nadda. Zip.

Takuru himself was as baffling as always in this episode. Just when you think you’ll get some emotion from him he gets angry just to apologise and be quiet, just to get angry and then apologise and be quiet… Even though the characters would be annoyed with it, scared of the outbursts and point out he’s being a dick (which they did) we as a audience understand why he’s angry so him letting out that anger would have been more interesting then him deflating two seconds after bursting out.

His interaction with Uki was one of the best moments in the show for me for the absolute wrong reasons. It constantly turned down the tension but for me it was lovely to see a victim of torture and all sorts finally feeling she was part of something that cared for her. I think Takuru should have been angry in the club room, I think his whole interaction with Itou who is thankfully still alive and did his best to tell him everything that happened with the knowledge that his mind was still being controlled and it could kill him, was absolutely spot on. He then should have been absolutely fucking fuming when he got back to the dorm and have to be talked out of it by Arimaru instead of noticing himself that he’d gone a little too far, apologising THEN being talked out of something he’d already talked himself out of. Whilst the moment of belonging for Uki was a treasurable moment it was just a bit oddly written.

Then the ending. If Onoe is the killer, which is looking likely as they play the audio for the first murder and hear the sound of her frog AND the news that Itou was being controlled after talking to someone in the club room, then my suspicions were right and I feel chuffed as hell to have figured it out in episode 6! I was always a bit suspicious of that darn frog charm anyway. Episode 6 was just the episode I was able to say “actually she’s suspicious” and if she is the killer I’m proud of myself because I’m usually always fucking wrong about these things so I’d be pleased I’m not the biggest idiot around for a change.

We’ll see what happens.


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