Youjo Senki : The Path to Victory

Episode 10

“Shōri e no michi” (勝利への道) 

They’ve been dropped at the front door of enemy HQ and are getting ready to start the next step in winning the war.

Someone else is about to show up though to stop this party in its tracks.

So the Empire is meant to be bad right? We’re the guys on the bad side? So why do I want them to win so badly?!

I guess because we’ve seen them working on these plots you want to see them succeed. You aren’t given a reason to want the others to win over the Empire so even though you know the Empire is meant to be the bad ones you are on their side. Or at least I am. I’m loving seeing the pieces fall into place.

With Tanya’s group taking out headquarters and then the left flank on the Rhine tunneling into the right flank of the enemies and blowing it up the Empire now has trapped their enemy between two fronts. Its easy to see victory from this position though the smarter of the characters, if you noticed, still seem very nervous about the next step. Those who are full of themselves are already patting themselves on the back but Tanya and the others see victory and that is all there is too it.

For Tanya it isn’t going to be so simple though as Colonel Anson is now back with the power of God on his side too.

This is going to be the big battle between Being X and Tanya I guess. We’ll see who wins it in whether she can beat Anson. The thing is now he’s given two people this ‘miracle’ is he going to actually only give it to Tanya if she truly believes in her heart? Will she learn anything from it? Even if the power given to Anson is apparent will that be enough to make her change her mind on anything?

I’m not too sure.

The reason I like Being X is that I don’t like the idea of a all powerful God who we’re meant to believe loves and cares for us but lets horrible things happen. Its part of what Tanya was saying to him, why would anyone believe in a God when they get what they want through hard work and living a good life. Who really now cares about a afterlife when you worry so much about being alive that being dead is not something you want to think about? Other then wanting Tanya to believe in him Being X has done nothing but bring pain and hurt to people, he transported the mind of a business man, someone who he thought very little of, into the body of a little kid and has let that man then take that little girl to war and do horrific things. Yes that man’s mind is Tanya now but what kind of God would think punishment for anyone is to torture a child the way he has? It doesn’t matter if its a mind of a adult inside the body its still torturing a child!

So Being X might be ‘God’ but its proving that maybe God isn’t all that great anyway?

Like regardless of what Being X is he likes inflicting pain on people. Anson was a good man but instead of letting him die or, even better, letting him live and go home to his family, he’s turned him into a weapon. A weapon in a war that Being X has played a giant part in. The Empire is only winning because he’s blessed the Empire with Tanya, if the Empire are the bad guys then Being X has killed hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions to prove a point to a guy in a female childs head. Now he’s going to torture a man with a little girl by making him fight that child to the death.

I’ll be disappointed if we don’t really and truly uncover what Being X is and what he really wants because if it is left to us to believe that he is ‘God’ then what is that saying about what this version of God really is? A sadistic bastard that’s what Being X is.

This is the thing though in all this we know that Tanya is evil, to a point and my belief on that is a completely different conversation altogether, we know the Empire is the bad guys, the fact it reflects both the Germans in WWI and the Nazis as well as being called the Empire… Like when has a Empire ever been a good guy? Yet for me I want Tanya to prove to Being X that he’s a asshole, though I’m not too sure what Tanya’s real point is seeing this being is strong enough to stop her timeline, reincarnate her and give her special powers like what is she going to prove other then mystical beings can be called whatever the hell they want? She’s living proof that this mystical force is real. I also want the Empire to win because its intriguing watching their plan and you are given no reason to want to see the other side win, you aren’t seeing some interesting reversal of fates, the only thing we’ve got that MIGHT prove to show they had a idea of what is happening is that they left the building Tanya blew up empty. Of course Anson is also proof that they knew something was up but you haven’t SEEN them trying to win the war so you want to see the plans you’ve seen built up win it.

Or now do I just sound like a horrible person?

And as in reality the bad guys have the better uniform… Go figure….

I believe Grantz/Glanz/Whatever is now dead, he was the first victim of Anson. It was kind of a waste of whatever it was they were doing with his character, there was no immediate reaction to his loss either so any faux tears about it in the next episode will be boring. I can’t wait for Part 3 in this battle but I feel like its going to lose a little now that its the battle between Being X’s two puppets. We’ll see though.


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