ChäoS;Child : Betrayal

Episode 7

Just when you think the murders will end…. Episode 7 happens and leaves you in a puddle of tears.

Trust me, I like gore and I like horrible things but even I broke at this episode.

Where to start? It throws us a red herring before dramatically upping the game in seconds.

We start with the body on Senri being found in her apartment dead, the New Generation Madness seems to be over because obviously she killed herself after her deadline and everyone feels safe once more. The family at Aoba Dorm or whatever its called feel safe, Arimaru goes home and the school newspaper looks for something else to do.

Then there is a leak of information, reporters swarming the Dorm trying to get to Kurusu who has been outed as Senri’s friend before Takuru is given the news that actually it isn’t Senri at all, the Pyro was someone else and died on the 23rd, keeping the murders in sync, with the same MO as everyone else. Panicked Takuru goes to round everyone up just to find of all fucking characters Yui missing.

Yes the wonderful little kid who was growing up to be such a wonderful little lady is missing with Itou.

Its a extremely messed up ending, its obvious that Kurusu is correct and that someone was using their powers to make Itou do what he was doing which makes me wonder if the Sumo stickers themselves are more of a warning then anything. It sets off delusions sure but it seems whoever is behind all this can get inside someone’s head.

For a start there was absolutely zero build up to Itou being behind anything and whilst sometimes that is the case I just don’t see it. When Kurusu called him out on the bullshit about him being in love with Senri, who I’m guessing we are now presuming to be dead, he went into some kind of fit and died which proves its someone else anyway, but which gives us a new MO really.

I’m really sad that Itou died though and I’ll tell you why.

Whoever this is got into his head and made him cut Yui up into pieces and put her into boxes. This is all because whoever is behind this blames Takuru for not saving Senri, this is why we presume she’s dead because it seems she died in the facility when she was being experimented on. This brings up giant questions over why no one has STILL questioned why Takuru was down there during all this and why he can’t remember, he obviously remembers little bits but no one at all has questioned just how involved he was as a kid.

Itou was a victim and seeing two innocent people die in one episode in two bloody and horrible ways is just sad. Itou was always just a background character, even more of a background character then Onoe, and his one contribution to the show was being taken over and killing a little kid.

Well…. Until the next episode proves me wrong and we find out he was evil I guess. I can’t second guess with this but from the second he turned around and we saw the blood coming from his eyes I was guessing they weren’t really talking to Itou anymore.

I don’t know I’m waffling on because the episode really was just something else. I wrote on Facebook that the first 6 episodes were confusing and not really that brilliant but this one just tore my little heart into pieces. I’m not even sure how I feel if I’m honest.


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