Youjo Senki : Preparations for Advance

Episode 9

“Zenshin Junbi” (前進準備)

Tanya’s only goal has been to save her own hide so why then is she still the major focus of all the major movements in this war?

Once more her plan to live a happy life at the rear is obviously a giant failure. Now that they’ve proved once again how good they are Strategic HQ have yet another barmy plan that heavily features Tanya and her battalion and which ends up being one of the weirdest plots we’ve seen.

Its weird, I loved learning about the wars and I love documentaries on wars but I’ve never really liked dramatizations or anime’s about war. I never thought I’d find it so interesting listening to a plot like that one that was being made up in this episode and hanging off their every word, I found myself waiting impatientally to see if the plan to fake a retreat and draw out their enemies from the Rhine would work.

It did.

I was then intrigued to find out they had created some stupid rocket thing thanks to the mad scientist that they were going to carry Tanya over to the Rhine HQ to destroy it with.

That is going to be the focus on the next episode but she didn’t die in these rockets so that is at least one thing.

A true sign of just how good this anime is I guess is that it has completely got me involved in all these plans. I find myself trying to imagine what the battle plans will look like and how it would work, something I never found interesting before this.

Tanya’s reaction to everything is priceless but the best thing is she still hasn’t actually sat down and really thought about why it is she wanted to make a career in the rearguard and ended up at the front. She kind of ponders it in this episode but she doesn’t really dwell, she doesn’t really have the time to do so, if she did I wonder if she’ll ever realise that none of this really has anything to do with Being X but her over thinking herself.

Every time that she could rest a little and focus her energy on moving backwards she finds herself in the position that she has to fight to survive. Instead of playing on people’s emotions that she’s a kid and even though she’s brave and a fighter she is scared she hides any kind of emotion which makes them think of her like a demon/devil that will go out and fight. She’s the one that has planted this image of a all out killing machine in their head whilst trying to manipulate them into thinking she’s clever and therefore much more needed in the background helping create ways to win the war. Oh of course she does that as well but she immediately manages to put herself into those plans when she isn’t really meaning to do so.

Over thinking has gotten her to where she is.

Likewise in her war with Being X, instead of just admitting that something must be going on she is trying to force her ideology on some force that was able to reincarnate her into the body of a young child in another reality and keep her alive with this crystal thing instead of her being killed by the mad scientist. Why not have a proper philosophical conversation with this Being next time it presents itself instead of deciding to fight it? In fighting it all she’s done, not that she yet knows, is anger it to the point that its sent another person its saved to kill her.

In the need to always be right Tanya might be the smartest person (a lot of hindsight is used there though) and she might be brave and all the rest but she isn’t going to win any of these wars or have anything go her way because she’s too self absorbed to figure out that its her own vanity and overthinking that is putting her in these positions.

Finally I really don’t like Serebryakov at all.

You see the retreat from the trenches, those pictures were haunting and anyone who has had to learn about trench warfare can add in the missing gruesome reality of them. Whilst in a medical tent getting her wounds cleaned up she ends up laughing about everything whilst in the foreground someone is in extreme pain and probably going to die. Later on when people are talking about being nervous she’s there asleep. She’s a comedy character that isn’t needed, the talk with Grantz or whatever his name is was good up until she started laughing and its obvious the two are going to either become a romantic couple or else just ruin ever important scene they two share. It just isn’t needed, her whole character isn’t needed. You don’t need a opposite to Tanya and you don’t need a character trying to convince others that Tanya is a good guy. We didn’t need it and we don’t need her taking away the drama from scenes.

I really dislike her.


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