WCPW : Bulletproof

The sad news is I’m missing my local wrestling show this week, the happy news is to make up for it I’m going to continue with reviewing WCPW who had yet another great live show up this week, unfortunately I had to wait for it to come up on Demand on WhatCulture Extra as I was working (I’m also working Saturday night so missing when they upload the English qualifiers for the World Cup) but here it is, another review to keep my one fan happy.

Winners : The Swords of Essex

Well WCPW are continuing to let their wrestlers make their own rules for their matches and the Young Bucks decided that this match shouldn’t just be a four team tag team match but a spotfest Tag Team Tornado Match instead.

It made the match much more fun with a lot of spot fests thrown all over the place, created a lot of funny moments but also had the effect of making the team of Liam Slater and Matt Riddle, who don’t get me wrong worked well when they did work together, look like two singles competitors who had just stumbled on the tag team match by pure coincidence.

Some crazy moments all through the match but also some great wrestling. All four of the teams were absolutely on it and the carnage never stopped.

The whole sequence where Ospreay kicked Scotty in the face just for Scotty to join in the 7 man Superkick and get talked into diving out onto Ospreay just to get a 6 man Superkick was amazing. It was really funny and one of those moments that is going to stick with you forever, Scotty really rocked it though. He had the best expressions all the way through and was so fun to keep a eye on because he could be doing just about anything.

Liam Slater was the standout though. Like I know I’ve said quite a lot recently that he’s turning into one of my favourite wrestlers to watch but he was just so damn good in this match, he threw people around the ring like Johnny Moss usually does in their team and as I said before he looked like a singles competitor out there to win this match for himself. When him and Riddle did work together it went OK but they didn’t need to be together. Really love the evolution of Slater since he’s been without Moss.

In the end Kennedy distracted Prospect and the Swords retained, good opening match that let the Bucks do what they do best but showcased all the real top talent they have in the WCPW tag team division. Happy the Swords retained and really hope something miraculous happens so that Prospect get their hands on Kennedy and Drake.

Winner : Rampage

It was a bit of a nothing match really. It felt like the first time in a very long time that Rampage had it easy in just a bog standard match. Just as Striker was telling us that Drake actually had a chance especially with Kennedy at ring side he was being beaten.

Of course after the match Kennedy took his chance to run down Prospect even more. I love the man but he needs to stop picking on Prospect, they are too cute to be hated.

Winner : Viper

Once more if you want to get to Priestley you need to go through Viper. Lana Austin couldn’t get past Viper.

The match wasn’t too bad, Austin tried to take on Viper with some power to begin with and soon change tactics to out right speed but the majority of the time Austin looked like a fly running into a wall. I don’t think Viper needed Priestley’s help to win the match so would have liked to see her keep out of it but the two of them once more worked well as a team to keep Lana Austin away from the belt.

Adam Blampied wasn’t too impressed, he came out and told old Beatrice to stop being naughty and that he had a match for her anyway…

Winner : Bea Priestley

As you could guess it was a really good match, one or two dodgy moments especially with the dive over the barriers from Blanchard that launched a inch or two too far away and left her not really hitting Priestley at all but overall it was one of the best fights of the night.

We missed this match at True Destiny and it was worth the wait, the build up since then with Bea and Viper made it all the more sweeter to see Adam bring out Tessa to fight Bea without having to go through the challenge of Viper first.

Have to admit I love Bea Priestley, I really love seeing her wrestle. She’s so interesting to watch and makes whoever she fights look great, not that she had to do that with Tessa who is amazing, but she never has a poor match. Its why I love the Viper situation because Bea doesn’t really need that protection and as I said before she’s just being disrespectful but when someone gets past that bodyguard or gets placed into that match by WCPW’s wonderful GM then they take her lightly because of the bodyguard shit but she just kicks their ass. I could watch her and Tessa fight all day long it was that good.

I loved how Tessa overpowered Bea a lot of the time especially to get out of the Kimura just lifting the whole of Bea’s weight up the way she did. Obviously you knew when it was happening the second time it wouldn’t go well for Tessa and just as she was getting to her feet Viper swiped them from under her, but was also smart enough to make sure the foot didn’t stay underneath the rope, and it lost Tessa the match.

Great match ups for the women.

Winner : Martin Kirby

This match was crazy good, honestly it was worth the price of Extra just for this one match. I loved how long they gave it before they eliminated anyone as well, everyone got a good showing in the match before the eliminations started to happen. It was interesting to see so many different styles of wrestling and everyone trying to bring each other to their own pace. It was nice as well to see some real good moments, including a Chaos Theory on El Ligero, from Doug Williams who once again just went in and kicked absolute ass. The move of the whole thing was the Superplex to Travis Banks onto the other guys on the outside of the ring delivered by El Ligero. It was just crazy.

Really loved the moments between Scurll and Ricochet, the fact that Ricochet knew Scurll so well gave some great comedy moments but some brilliant wrestling as well. Every time it was just them two in the ring together it was great.

Doug was the first guy out when the Prestige started to double team properly, they then took out El Ligero before Kirby got Scurll with a backslide. Ricochet eliminated Gunn before seconds later Banks eliminated him to leave us with the duo of Martin Kirby and Travis Banks.

It was sad we never got to see the Chickenwing, also sad that the Zoidberg elbow once more didn’t get hit. Banks got cocky and tried to hit Kirby with the Sable Bomb but ended up being hit with the Sable Bomb himself giving Kirby the win. He’s gone from GM to having a championship shot in weeks, guy deserves it and it’ll be fun to see what he does next.

Winner : Joe Hendry

It was seriously sad that Kidd lost again. Really sad. Like sadder then usual because at least usually he’s going from one opponent to the next and getting beat but this time he was cheated out of a fair ending to a match then days later he was cheated out of a fair ending by the same person. You can see Kidd grow with every match and Hendry had a very difficult time because Kidd just knew what he was going to hit him with at any given moment but still that ending just hurt.

Personally preferred their first match but I liked that Kidd was fired up and ready to fight right from the start. He went right at Hendry and just kept fighting. Kidd doesn’t look like a guy who hasn’t won a match, he doesn’t look like the youngest guy on the roster either and it really does annoy me he hasn’t won. I can’t even put my opinion about this match down in this blog because I’m so angry he lost. Especially as he was cheated. I love Joe Hendry but it made me hate him.

This is just sad. Hendry is now number 1 contender for the Internet Championship and I STILL want the story to be that Kidd takes on the Prestige but doesn’t win till he faces Hendry for the Internet Championship and then wins it from him. I dunno I just want Gabriel Kidd to beat up Hendry, Hendry has to be the dude that Kidd beats now. He just has to be.

Winner : Christopher Daniels

I loved how Adam Cole had no actual intentions to fight ZSJ until Daniels came out then he didn’t even say anything he just got right back into the match. I have only seen Cole a few times but he’s always really entertaining and it was a interesting way to start the match.

What a surprise guy to bring down to the ring though. Daniels has always been one of my favourite wrestlers to watch because the guy just throws everything he has into every single match. Him squaring off with ZSJ just made me wish that I’d get to see them go one against each other at some point without Cole getting in the way. ZSJ is such a unique guy to watch but Daniels didn’t shy away from trying to match up to Sabre where Sabre is strongest.

I loved how ZSJ could tie up one guy and still fight the other without ever losing the submission on the first guy. Just honestly it is so fun to watch him twist his opponents about and a triple threat is a great match up for him because he gets to show off even more.

Loved the ending of the match and was so good to see Daniels. Any other night this match would have probably stolen the show but with such great gimmicky matches like the Magnificent 7 match and the main event it held its own. Loved it though, WCPW always delivers great surprises.

Winner : Drew Galloway

Drew Galloway made Joe Coffey look like a little kid. It made me realise just how small Coffey is because I just through Galloway was a giant but he’s only 6 foot 5. It made Coffey lifting Galloway up and throwing him about look so impressive though, if a little funny because Galloway is just massive.

It was a great match but it also made me realise how much I hate Coffey being a bad guy. Whilst I know why Hendry came down to get involved up until that point it had just been a brawl with neither Galloway or Coffey being able to get the upper hand, I love seeing Coffey in matches like that but feel it takes away from him that he has to have someone interfere. I’d rather he just cheated then have someone come down and distract his opponent because he himself is just a scary individual to be watching beat the hell out of other people.

Galloway is incapable of having a bad match at the moment and the guy (even though he cheated Eddie Ryan out of a win in Plymouth last year in front of Eddie’s home crowd for the TNA Heavyweight championship… Have I mentioned that before? No?) is just unstoppable. He’s like a bloody monster, the match wasn’t as amazing as the one against Ospreay, but then again that was a hard one to follow up, but it was just a brawl between two very angry Scottish men. I don’t know why they are both so angry all the time but there you have it. The moment with the Travel Lodge card was better done then it was to Kirby and made slightly more sense. The chip on Prestige’s shoulders make for some great moments.

In the end Hendry and Coffey took out Galloway who was saved by Rampage who in turn was beaten up by the rest of Prestige who were then finally taken out by the Bullet Club. I guess that moment would have made slightly more sense if Cody had been able to make the event, after all it isn’t like the Prestige did anything to the three members of the Bullet Club at the show, still a cool moment though specially the Too Sweet to Galloway at the end. It was a great stare down between Galloway and Rampage and builds up so well for their war, because lets face it Rampage only knows how to go to war, in Orlando. That should be a great match.


I know you couldn’t believe it but this turned out worse then the other WCPW review but after realisation hit me I won’t be making it to the two local shows I was going to go to this weekend thanks to work and because I had so much fun writing the other one I decided to publish this one anyway.

I really liked the show. Thought the Magnificent 7 match was an absolute blast, was always going to be with such a good mixture of talents in it. The Tag Team match was pretty fun but made me sad I wasn’t going to see a singles competition with Liam Slater as he was hidden away in the match and I’ve really enjoyed seeing him in singles competition recently.

Still love the Prestige but I do miss just bad ass Joe Coffey without having to have his friends come and help him. Loved Banks and Gunn double teaming in the Magnificent 7 match and could very easily see them being a makeshift tag team for a while. Whilst I want Hendry to go on to beat Cody for the Internet Championship as you can tell I want him to win it so that Kidd can beat him for it now, I just so want a giant win for Kidd for his first but I also don’t really want to wait because its just sad seeing his losses pile up.

As you all know by now I’m a Adam Pacitti fan so it pains me to say that Adam Blampied is killing it as GM. I love that he ain’t gonna put up with the wrestlers crap and he comes down and scoulds them like naughty children, I get so excited when his music hits too. I mean I miss Pacitti and his terrible attempts at being a evil GM (man was I trying to pull him out of my laptop screen and give him a hug in the latest Adam vs Adam because evil Pacitti is just adorable)  but I can live without him for now if at some point I see Blampied come out and call Primate a naughty monkey. I know I’m pretty late to the party and he’s probably already said it or something but that will make my life.

I did miss Cody Rhodes though, I really love seeing Cody wrestle. Shame he couldn’t make it. Would have loved to see him get his revenge on the Prestige too.

Plus I will say it once more. Ever since the first time I saw him wrestle I have said that Scotty Wainwright is a man to watch, boy is he one of the best things on any wrestling show he is part of. He’s amazing on WCPW but nothing beats seeing him live. Everyone keeps saying they miss Scotty in pink but I love his new stuff and his new attitude even if some of his old facial expressions survived. I have nothing but absolute love and respect for Scotty but I still miss him greatly as does Swampy and we miss our 100 selfies with him at every show we used to see him at. So happy that he’s doing well though and that he’s in a match against the bloody Young Bucks and looked fantastic as he always does. Scotty is the man. As always we are the #EssexSupportingLizards (even though Swampy is a alligator, Ultimo Tiger just doesn’t have a very good education and the nickname stuck…) I doubt Pride are too upset we no longer bring our feather boas to shows though…… Those were the days!

2 thoughts on “WCPW : Bulletproof”

  1. The Magnificent 7 match was great, Marty Scurll made it for me to be honest really thought he was great in it. The more people in a match for him to play off of the better.

    Isn’t there like no chance in hell that Prospect are going to get to Orlando now? Or does it matter where the money comes from if they can get there they get the match against Drake and Kennedy? Because this is about the last event before they go to Orlando other then the Qualifiers isn’t it? So them being on minus something regardless of what the counter ever says means they won’t be going?

    What did you make of Galloways reaction to Rampage holding his belt at the end of the match and who do you think is walking out champion in their match?

    Also how confident are you that Hendry will beat Rhodes when he faces him because I know you do think its going to happen.

    What do you want to see happen to Liam Slater next?

    And will you ever stop moaning about Prestige Coffey?

    1. I don’t know I’ve given up trying to second guess the whole Prospect thing, I don’t care what happens just as long as we see them against Kennedy at some point. I have faith in the GM to give us that at some point!

      Understandable, its Rampage. Regardless of if he just saved your ass and he’s honourable you never know what someone will do when holding a title belt in wrestling. Plus its Galloway’s belt till Rampage wins it and Galloway was just in a fight against Coffey of course he’s gonna snatch it off his very next challenger. I think Rampage is gonna walk out winner just because its gonna take a lot to beat Rampage after his war with Primate and then that match against Bad Bones.

      I’m not confident I just want it to happen. Its my dream scenerio because it plays into this stupid dream to have Kidd’s first win win him the belt off Hendry and wipe the smug smile off of Hendry’s face. Hendry winning the belt is more likely then Kidd beating him though.

      Everything. Mainly I want him to come down to one of our promotions shows so that I can touch him….

      Fuck. No.

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