One Piece : The Party Begins at 10

Chapter 860

The plans are in place, the wedding is going to begin…. I JUST WANT TO SEE LUFFY’S ENTRANCE!!!!

We don’t see it this week but we get to meet some of the party goers.

In all its a bit of a boring chapter. The Emperors of the Black Market don’t seem to be all that special so I wonder why they got a big introduction. Maybe for future stories? Maybe they are going to play a big part. They don’t seem to be tied to Big Mom in any real way so I wonder what is going to happen with them.

If anything I worry for their lives more then anything, every time they walked past one of Mom’s kids they got a evil look from them though then again most of Big Moms kids just look evil on principal.

We then got to meet Moms second son Dogtooth who is actually bloody cool. He’s out with Bege the problem is he’s rumoured to have honed his observation haki so well he can see into the future. Bege seems a bit peeved by him being there but surely something in the plan has to distract his sense in some way because it would be obvious ALL the kids that could come would come. Love that his attacks are jellybeans. I’ve loved the craziness of Big Moms family from the start. Just imagine being able to flick jellybeans at people and kill them. The amount of crazy in this family is sublime.

Before all that we got to see what is probably the last conversation Jinbe had with his crew, once more they make it clear that they are fully behind Jinbe joining the Straw Hats and would do anything to help him, the roulette wheel wasn’t just about how much life she’d take from Jinbe but also how many crew members she’d take too so that is why Jinbe didn’t go for it but will now rebel with the Straw Hats. The talk of Jinbe putting his life on the line for Luffy no matter what is a tiny bit worrying because I was looking forward to him joining the crew, at the same time I could never really imagine him in the crew and I’m really worried he isn’t going to survive.

THAT BEING SAID talking about evil looks did anyone notice the evil smile that Praline was giving Aladine in his final moments with Jinbe? I know she has that kind of look on her face full stop being the kind of Fishman she is but did it give anyone else a moment to question whether or not that she’s going to actually turn on the Fishmen?

I guess why it was boring is because its obviously building to something but its added a load of characters and a few questions that might turn into nothing or might end up being important. You just don’t know yet.

Most importantly….



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