ChäoS;Child : Their Resistance

Episode 6

With the pieces of the puzzle fallen into place it feels like the characters have all the corner pieces they need to start actually working this mystery out. From episode 1 its been highly dramatic now they need to figure out how to survive.

This episode is about survival, they come up with a plan to stick together on the day of the next murder and outlast the day which they do.

Whilst that is going on we learn a lot. Uki was at school with Yui until just before the Earthquake and whilst Yui has grown Uki hasn’t, Uki seems happier to stay with the guys at the clinic then to go anywhere else now that her home has been taken from her and opens up a little. She’s a sweet character that seems to have the power to create delusions of some sort which makes me question how much of what happened in the hospital was real and how much was her delusion. I have no doubt that it’s been cleared out when they noticed she’d gone but could a part of it have been her delusion?

She’s not talking though mainly because she doesn’t know anything and whilst that pisses dear Mio off it makes the little family happy to have someone else to look after.

Talking of the family it seems all the drama Takuru felt has disappeared as after he has a fit in the cafe after a Sumo Sticker was planted in his menu, he goes home to happily call his adopted dad, dad. This is half the reason we could have done without the whole big dramatic story with him and just made him a happy dude living at home with his happy little adopted family from the beginning, he’s a bland character trying to make him interesting made him a even more annoying character but now he’s at least a nice character.

I did have a feeling when I say the Pyro in the last episode that it was Senri but that was mainly down to the pink hair so I didn’t really think about adding it to the review because I’m behind and if I started attempting to be cute in the reviews I was worried someone would sit there and go “but she’s dead” well she isn’t. I get Kurusu’s need to believe her friend wouldn’t suddenly become a killer but I think she’s also forgetting the horrible experience these people were going through before the Earthquake which her very own group is slowly uncovering. It was enough to make Uki not grow a single bit from second grade so why couldn’t it turn a peaceable young girl into a monster? The fact her face is all burnt and she’s limping shows that she’s in a terrible amount of pain and the girl that was Senri might not even be in there anymore.

With the streak of New Generation Madness killings over and both Takuru and Arimaru surviving I wonder what is gonna come next. Whilst it seems obvious that Senri is now the killer having stalked them on that very night why would she decide to replicate those murders? She’s missed one so she’ll either have to break pattern and kill someone the night after or she’s just messed up.

OR maybe Senri thinks one of them two are the killers?

There has been a bout of arson at the same time as the murders so why presume that she is killing people when she’s obviously just trying to burn the shit out of people she comes across and not protecting herself? She knows Takuru has powers so maybe she’s under the impression that it could be him?

It’ll be interesting to see what they actually do about Senri now. Takuru seems fine when he’s not around Sumo Stickers and loves his adopted sister no matter the fake drama at the beginning of the season so maybe he will try to reach out but Arimaru is too terrified to do anything but try and protect herself with force.

I love Arimaru as a character, the more we go on the more I love the female characters more then the males. Arimaru is sweet and I love how they have portrayed her as being extremely scared, the facade has disappeared now and after seeing her react to being attacked its very obvious she just felt she couldn’t trust anyone. Plus being a human lie detector must be fucking hard, think about all the little white lies that people tell for no reason. Like say they were meant to meet up with her for coffee but just didn’t feel like it but didn’t want to upset her and make her feel like it was her they didn’t feel like seeing so said I have homework to do, she knows its a lie but doesn’t know why its a lie so to save her feelings they’ve just hurt them. The more I see of her the more I love her.

Same with Yui, there was a bit of a thing about her starting to grow to be like Kurusu and she is kinda like the big sister of the younger kids and its sweet seeing her act like that. Both her and Kurusu are level headed and doing their best to keep people happy and alive, its nice to have Yui who is too young to mask fear and stuff really reflect Kurusu in such a way that you get that feeling that how Yui feels about certain stuff is really how Kurusu feels.

My biggest question though is if Arimaru has a ability to tell if people are lying then why the bloody heck is she able to create a sword out of thin air?

Also when it comes to Onoe how sure are we she doesn’t have a power? She was able to overheard a conversation no one else could! That either makes her suspicious (I’m SURE that frog thing she holds was in Episode 0, some character had it attached to their phone and I’m SURE that character died) or that she has some kind of power. In fact now thinking about it I’m suspicious of Onoe, I’m not going back to look but didn’t she hand the menu to Takuru before he saw the Sumo Sticker? She’s either going to die or be involved some way, I just have a horrible feeling about her now I’ve written this!


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